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Beat the Summer Heat – Vacation in Hawaii Aug. 18-25, 2019

My husband Vince and I own a timeshare with Diamond Resorts. I’ve already booked this luxury Hawaiian resort, Ka’anapali Beach Club, my favorite place in Maui for seven nights. At $150 per night, it’s less than Expedia – $199 per night. August 18-25, 2019. This offer at this price is good until May 19th. Seniors 55 and over are 10% off.

Luxury Hawaiian Vacation Resort

Stay seven nights at the Ka'anapali Beach Club in Maui for seven nights. At $150 per night Seniors 55 and over are 10% off.


Other Travel Options

Maybe you don’t want to go to Hawaii. People have many reasons to travel: work, research, or pleasure. Those who do learn a little about life in other locations or time periods no matter what their reason for traveling. They bond with family and friends and actually improve their brains.

Sedona 10,000 steps
The view from our Bell Rock Resort lanai in Sedona, AZ.

Planning a Honeymoon, Summer Vacation with the Kids?

A few years ago we purchased a timeshare from Diamond Resorts. Believe it or not, we love the timeshare. Over the years we have used it to travel from Florida to Hawaii and many places in between. However, we have way more points than we can use. So we thought we could offer them to you at a discounted price.

Aren’t Timeshares Awful?

A lot of people bad-mouth timeshares, and frankly, the sales pitches kill us, but we love our rooms and have taken friends and family to places we never could have done without having a vacation rental already paid up. But a good investment, they are not. There is a steep initial fee and then a maintenance fee.

You Can Enjoy Mine Without Obligation

I can use my points to rent something for you to enjoy. For example, do you want your kids to experience the birth of the United States? For example, you can spend a week in a two-bedroom condo in Colonial Williamsburg (pictured below) The rooms have always been spacious, clean, and comfortable. We are selling our extra points for between $.10 and $.16 on the dollar, at which price not even Expedia can compete.

Collonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia – Printing Shop

Buy Discounted Timeshare Points or an Entire Vacation

Perhaps you’d prefer a real bargain. From time to time I book reservations for us that we can’t use. For example, a week-long trip to Las Vegas staying right across from the Aria in a one bedroom suite might cost as little as $350, depending on my cost.

Las Vegas Rental Polo Towers
The view out of our Polo Towers suite on the Las Vegas Strip across from the Aria.

Tell Me Where and When You Want to Travel and Let Me See If I Can Help

Normally people plan their vacations months ahead of time. Some locations do not have resorts, and all I can get is a hotel. If you are booking a room at the last minute, I may not be able to get you a super inexpensive price, but I guarantee it will be equivalent to Expedia.

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