Family Friendly V X-Rated Fotos

Peggy's first steps
Peggy in 1927, probably in Indiana, struggling to cart around her cloth diaper AND take her first steps. Love the car!

The slightest wind would have unbalanced her as Golda’s daughter, Peggy, took her first steps.

Years later my mom, Peggy was my strong rock, and I was hers. The wind tried to blow us off course, but moved only our hair and made our coats flap to the tune of its huffing and puffing.

Peggy and Marsha
Mom’s and my 1992 trip to England with San Joaquin Valley Writing Project


Wordless Wednesday: My Poor Eyes

I could not photograph the fear in this poor pup’s eyes.  Maybe you can sense the fear I felt from afar. At one point this careless girl let the paddle board float right next to the waterfall on the left, as she held it by a rope to keep it from going over.IMG_1412


Wordless Wednesday: Pet Games

Kalev is not overly playful with toys.  She’s a lover.  She pulls your hand in with her paw, and puts it on her tummy to rub her.  She twists her body to get as close as possible.