Manny’s In Heaven

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the “life” Manny has been leading this past month.  I just got word today that he has gone to teddy bear heaven.

Manny in heaven

I’m sure we will all miss him greatly, but he has definitely moved to a better place.

Manny's heaven#2

Of course, if you have been reading Manny’s emails, then you know that Ute took him from Ralph’s house in Spain home to England with her.  If you look out the window, you can see he no longer can see the mountains of southern Spain.


Now his life is totally different.  He is no longer the spoiled nearly-only bear.  Cowboy Manny is trying to ride a herd of lemurs.

Manny rides herd

During the day he goes to school.  Life is busy in heaven.

Manny's seat at school

Manny, you love to color.  I’m sure you stayed quietly coloring all morning long.  Can you find all the places you’ve been in the Atlas?

in school (3)

I can see that you are much the same in heaven as you are at home on earth.  Do you pray in heaven as you do on earth?

Give us today1

Give us today day our daily bread,

our daily bread1

On earth as it is in heaven.

lead us not into temptation1

And lead us not into temptation,

Manny, Mommy's name is Marsha.  Are you trying to tell Mommy something?
Manny, Mommy’s name is Marsha. Are you trying to tell Mommy something? You look a little wistful.

But deliver us from evil.

figuring out heavenly school

So have you got everything all figured out up there in heaven, Manny?  Is heavenly life starting to fall into a pattern?

Manny & Danny & special friend

Have you made any special friends in heaven?  WAIT A MINUTE, young man.  I thought I hadn’t received an email because you were in heaven, but there’s Danny.  hmmmm  I think you’d better get typing, Manny T. Bear.


“Dear Mom,  I still love Ute, but she is making me work really hard.  And she took the donuts away from me before I could even eat a bite.  Ralph let me have donuts every day.  Ralph gave me wine, and had parties every day.  I have to go to school in England.  Gotta go, Mom.  Teddy McFluff wants me to do something with him.  Bye!  Love, Manny”

What have your teddy bears been up to these days?

The Adventures of Manny

Hi Mom,

I’ve had a great time with Ute and Ralph.  This is where we are staying.

Map of SpainIt is hot here, and we lay out on the patio every day.

13b Ralph's Apartment

Today I got kind of mad at Ralph because he made us pose with our blankets.  Mom, it was HOT!  I felt like I was sick or something.  All those pillows.  Danny is really nice, and he wanted to kick the blanket out the window.   I threw a pillow on the floor.

1a Fanny, Manny, Danny and new baby bear with Marsha's quilts

Fanny liked it because she had a new baby bear, I call him Lanny.  Lanny liked cuddling under the blanket.  Fanny kept KISSING him on the ears.  Blaaaah

Ute, Ralph & Bears

Ute is cute.  I still love Ute best.  I think Danny should stay with Ralph, and I’ll go home with Ute.  See how nice she holds me so I won’t fall.  I LOVE Ute, Mom.  She was tickling me under the chin.  I didn’t even kick her.

Bye, Mom.  I love you.


Dear Manny,

You haven’t told me anything about the trips you are taking.  That is a lovely picture of you and Danny with Ute and Ralph.  But, where were you?  It is so beautiful!

Manny Goes To Spain

Remember when you were making those blankets?  You were so sleepy you could hardly sew the line straight.

Manny Goes to Spain031

You stayed up almost all night.  Mama is glad that Ralph took a picture of you three with your blankets.  I hope you picked up the pillow.  Those are Ralph’s new pillows.

Have you been to Ronda?  Everyone talks about how beautiful and historic it is.  You know how much Mom loves history.


Kalev misses you and wishes she had come along with you.  Chloe says hi, too.

Write soon,  Love Mom

Dear Mom and Dad,

OK I’m going to send you some pictures, and you have to guess where they are.

Manny & Danny  traveling

I was a little scared here because it was a long way down to the bottom of this wall, and Danny sometimes likes to wrestle and pulls me backwards.  We were both on our good behavior.

Manny & Danny traveling 2

We wanted our picture taken with this arch.  It’s really old.  Like maybe Roman times!  I bet Roman soldiers built it!  Do you think they did, Mom?  Ralph let us sit on the table so we could look at it better.

8 Ralph in BP

Ralph had to wear sunglasses here because the buildings are so sparkly.  Do you love them, Mom?  Did you guess yet?  Go ask Dad.  He doesn’t get lost like you do.

I gotta go.  We’re busy, Mom.  Sorry!

Love, Manny

Manny Is Enroute to Spain

Happy July Fourth!  I hope everyone is celebrating our freedom with family and friends.  Manny is one his way out of the country to visit Ralph and Ute, two of my favorite blogging friends.  He is carrying his American flag with him to remember and celebrate the holiday with his British friends.  haha

Don't wake me until I get there.  Whew!  It's hot under these covers!  :)
Don’t wake me until I get there. Whew! It’s hot under these covers! 🙂

It’s 106 and he’s bundled for his flight!  He knows it gets cold in the baggage department!  🙂

Happy Fourth of July!  Bye bye, Mom and Dad.
Happy Fourth of July! Bye bye, Mom and Dad.

From our house to yours, we wish you the best Fourth ever.

Manny Goes to Spain – An Interview with Manny

Many of our readers know Manny as my lovable little bear who travels wherever I go.  Manny has been begging to go see Ute and her teddy bears in England for six months.   Vince and I both agree that Manny is old enough now to travel on his own.  Let’s see how he’s doing.

Mom:  Manny, you are getting to be such a big boy now, we’re going to do an interview for all the readers about your trip.   How are you feeling about flying out on your own to go see Ralph’s bear, Fanny, and Ute’s bear, Danny?

Manny:  Mom, you know I’m sooooooo excited.  I can’t EVEN sleep at night.

Mom:  What have you done to get ready?

Many goes shoppint
Many goes shopping.

Manny:   I had to get my Pawsport, and a suitcase at the Build-A-Bear Store.

Everything is so big
Everything is so big.

Mom:  Is that all you got there?  What was it like at the store?

Manny:  Oh, Mom, I just LOVED the Build-A Bear store!  It was soooooo big!  I got some cool sun glasses.  I’m ready to go to the beach.  Tell Ralph I want to go to the beach in Spain.  I have a new beach ball and a beach bag, too.  Mom, there were so many clothes in the store.  How come I don’t have clothes?

Many picks out a suitcase.
Many picks out a suitcase.

Mom:  They didn’t have any your size, Manny.  Those clothes are for big bears.  Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Manny uses Mom's American Express card for the first time.  Yikes!
Manny uses Mom’s American Express card for the first time. Yikes!

Manny:  Oh yeah, I got some of that, too.  I love my red suitcase, Mom.  And I love my sunglasses.  Have you seen what’s in my suitcase?

Mom:  Tell me.

Manny:  I got a BIG jar of honey!  I have my travel guide, and my Spanish English dictionary.  And dad got me aspirin.  What’s that for, Mom?

Mom:  You may get a little nervous on the plane, so if you do, just ask the flight attendant for some water, and take one aspirin.  I notice you packed your favorite doggie blanket.   Sometimes it gets cold on the plane even though where you are going is nice and warm.  Be careful not to lose it, though, Manny.

Manny:  I’ll be careful with it.  I’ll take it to the beach to sit on.

Mom:  Hmmmm  Hope Ralph has a big washing machine.  What about presents for Fanny and Danny?

Manny:  Silly Mom.  You know I got them presents.  You helped me make them presents.  They are going to love them.

Mom:  Are you going to tell everybody what you made?

Manny:  Nope.  They’ll just have to wait till I show them to Fanny and Danny!

Mom:  Ok then, Manny.  It’s time to get you to bed, so you’ll be ready to go.  Tell everybody good-bye.

Manny:  Bye everyone.  See you in Spain.

All packed ready to go.
All packed ready to go.