Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Juxtapositions, what a great word for a challenge.  Even greater to find pictures that fit the bill.  I went back to a trip to Solvang, CA.  Going through the outdoor corridors provided juxtaposition enough if you look at the Danish building across the street from the shaded corridor.  I added to the effect using Photoshop to place the entire corridor from where I was standing looking both directions.


I love framing shots.  A good frame makes everything look more interesting to me.  Using a close up camera lens was my favorite shot, but the wide-angle revealed more juxtaposition of old and new.


While we were there, I came across a beautiful quilt shop.  the quilts hung side by side, but one quilt was a particularly good example of juxtaposition of images.


Solvang, CA is a beautiful area to visit in the spring, fall and winter.  By summer the temperatures soar into the 100s, and I can barely walk around.  According to my real estate sales person husband, Vince, there are currently ninety-six homes available in Solvang.  Many of these are trailers starting at $59,000.  Oh no, he found a house he liked for only $299,000.  Fortunately for our pocketbook, neither of us bought the objects of our affections.   What do you like to shop for, but rarely purchase?


This last picture I chose for the wires.  The windmill created energy long ago, yet we still have to have wires to deliver it.  The sun is the juxtaposition in the second picture.  I just happened to notice that wires ran through this tree as well, so I tried lining up the wires for a different effect.  Ok, forget the lining up!  It’s the idea that counts.

I hope you like my juxtapositions.  Click here for more examples.

By the way – WATCH OUT for careless quilters!  This weekend we stayed in a hotel full of quilters.  About ten of them ambled across the street after the light going against them turned green.  I stopped to let them all cross, but the car coming over the hill behind me did not know why I stopped.  By the time he did, he had just enough time to jackknife his car and screech to a stop before hitting my car.  I feel grateful to be alive today, and even more grateful that I didn’t end up killing any careless quilters.




Drug Blouse


It just looks like a cute, fun little blouse.  You can’t see it very well because my picture is so dark.  I got a compliment on it today, so I had to tell its story.

The truth is that I splurged.  It was VERY expensive – to me.  I’m kind of a cheapie when it comes to buying clothes.  $35 for a nice suit, $5 for a cute blouse.  You know CHEAP!  So I paid more for this one for several reasons.

  1. It had trapunto stitching, which is very hard to do.
  2. It was cute.
  3. I was on vacation, and wasn’t thinking rationally.
  4. It was cute.
  5. It had a ruffle on one sleeve, and not the other.
  6. It was cute.

So the next summer I went on vacation, of course I packed it.  I was traveling alone wearing my cute blouse, but frankly I don’t think I looked suspicious.  I wasn’t cuter than anyone else in the line of weary travelers.  BUT…

When I stepped into the Naked Picture Booth, something went wrong.  The person (I choose to think lady) watching all the Naked People file through the booth, called a halt on me.  A grumpy looking TSA lady with rubber gloves asked me to step to the side so people could pass around me.  Unsuspecting I did as she asked.

She asked me if I wanted to go somewhere private where she could do an examination.  I still didn’t think too much about it, so I said no.  In the past they have patted down my bag, and found history books.  Once they found a tube of toothpaste that was 90% used up that I had to throw away.  I think they patted me once with a wand.  Nothing serious.

I should have been suspicious.  The lady reached inside my cute blouse with her thick blue rubber glove and felt INSIDE my bra.  I warned her than there wasn’t much there, and she didn’t crack a smile.

“Do I look suspicious?” I asked trying to make light of a very bizarre situation.  People looked at me suspiciously, so I guess I had the LOOK.

“We have to be suspicious of EVERYBODY,” she told me grimly.

Then the phone rang.  It was the Naked Picture Watcher.

Grumpy came back, and stuck her hand down my blouse and checked INSIDE my bra for the second time.  Where do you look when a grumpy lady is sticking her hand down your blouse?  I looked right into her eyes.  I looked around at the people watching me.  I tried to find the Naked Picture Watcher, but she was hidden in the booth where I should have gone, I guess.

The phone rang.  It was the Naked Picture Watcher again.


So I thanked her for the massage, and off I went on my vacation, sure I wasn’t going to win the next Sexy Grandma Wonder of the World Contest.


Just Finish It

Such the Like motivated her with her blog post about what books she is reading.  I, too, love to read, at least I think I do.  If it’s not fiction I love to start reading.

That’s why I read so little fiction.  I can’t stop reading fiction until the end of the book – even if I keep my scratchy eyes open until 2:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, there is so much else on my list to read, so I feel guilty reading heart-stopping, bone-chilling fiction.  I did take time to read all of Cristian’s book, Remember,  because it was short, and I wanted to see what kind of writer he is since he is writing about how to write.

I like reading on Kindle because it keeps track of what you are reading, and how much of you read.  Kindle would tell me if I read 100% of Cristain’s book because all the dots should be blackened to the end, but since I read it on my iPhone while I was waiting for an appointment, the dots won’t be filled in until I sync my Kindle.

When it comes right down to it, I’ve been ignoring one of my favorite hobbies, reading books, and substituting it for reading on the internet.  It almost seems like I’m not reading when I read the internet because I’m just scratching the surface.  I read for information.  My friend has an ailment, I look it up.  I read a post on Facebook about a movie I’ve don’t know, so I stop and look it up.   I have friends who are way over my experiential head, and I can’t stand that, so I check things they write about out – on the internet.  I’m at a lecture, and the speaker says he has a web page – I visit it.  He makes a comment about the newest thing that the Igeneration is using.  I google it.  It’s five years old, and out of production.  Good thing he’s entertaining!


My step-son wants me to buy a Zero.  We check it out together.  I can’t even read the specs without his expert help.  I don’t think I’m ready to own a Zero, but I’m intrigued.


My husband wants to put up an awning.  We check out the newest things on HGTV’s blog.

But I can’t finish my books.  Here they are, and I like them all.

Now that I’ve confessed to you I promise that I will finish one of them today.