Becky B’s Squares: Roses to Brighten Your Day

#BrightSquare Day 16

“As usual for a Squares Challenge month I will be sharing squares daily, and I would love it if you did the same. However if daily sounds too daunting, don’t worry. It is fine to join us weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your squares. The frequency of your squares depends on you and also your blog. All I ask is that your image has 4 equal sides, and that it reflects the theme of bright.”

Becky B.

Bright Spring California Roses

bright peach rose with gold center Becky B's Bright Square
bright gold center of a peach rose at Woodlake Rose Garden

I’m also submitting this for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge and Jude’s Life in Colour of the month – pink.

Thanks for joining me in my first attempt to post every day for a month. Have you ever done a month of challenges and made it every day?

I got my new computer yesterday – mine drown in a cup of coffee last week. I messed up trying to set it up and couldn’t sign into to my Microsoft cloud where my pictures are stored. And so therefore the meaning of challenge becomes reality.

Have a great weekend.

#Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays: Spring

Thank you, Frank for hosting #WQWWC this week. Thank you Amy Rose for your beautiful photos for his post. Here are my quotes and responses for the week.

“Spring is the time of the year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade”

Charles Dickens
#WQWWC Spring Rose Woodlake Botanical Gardens
Spring rose bush half in shade, have in sun


Traditional 5-7-5 Cinquain

Just the right amount
of shade and sun caressing
perfect yellow rose 

“You are reborn with the roses, in every spring.”

Juan Ramón Jiménez
#WQWWC  Spring Roses from Woodlake Rose Garden

Roses, the Voices of spring

Traditional 5-7-5 Cinquain

Gentle rays of light
Kiss roses' pink golden cheeks
Drying tears of spring
Writer's Quotes Wednesdays Writing Challenge logo

Please join me again next Wednesday for #WQWWC #17: Leisure. Check out my #WQWWC page for upcoming topics.

Go Vibrant for Valentine’s Day

In the Central Valley, spring is the most vibrant time, not only visually, but the way things smell as well.  Summer and fall are hazy, Winter is foggy or rainy.

Vibrant desert

Red screams vibrant to me . Here are some beautiful examples of vibrant colors from the Bravo Lake Botanical Gardens. Their vibrant fragrances fill the air.  Brought inside a small enclosed room, like my office at work, the scent almost overpowers me. But in the dining room, they perfume the entire house.Salmon/yellow/red/orange take your pick.Even the leaves are vibrant.This ain't no violet! Put on your most winning smile showing off your vibrant personality, and voila – your sweetie shows up with this. Sweet smells compliment vibrant colors,  I smell the rich aroma of cup of French Vanilla coffee to go with this treat, don’t you? Put all these together and you see my dream Vibrant Valentine’s treat.

For more vibrant pictures, click the icon below.

I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016
I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2016

Cee’s Fun Fotos of Pink or Magenta Flowers

“Can anyone remember love? It’s like trying to summon up the smell of roses in a cellar. You might see a rose, but never the perfume.” –Arthur Miller

In the early 1900s Woodlakers called the three excursion boats on Bravo Lake purchased by the city’s founder, Gilbert Stevenson, his follies. No one says that about Bravo Lake Botanical Garden, brain-child of Manuel and Olga Jimenez.

Pink Flower rose4

I count the 1,700 rose bushes in 130 varieties as my favorite feature of  Woodlake Pride’s Bravo Lake Botanical Garden.

Pink Flower rose3

I got a little carried away by the beauty of this cluster of pink roses.  I wasn’t the only one enjoying their fresh scent. I gave Mr. B plenty of space even though he had his nose buried in his work.

Pink Flower rose

The flowers are at their best in mid April, so if you are planning a trip to the Sequoia National Park, stop off here in Woodlake, CA in April.

Pink Flower rose2

To learn about the Bravo Lake Botanical Gardens click on the links below.  

Sierra Nevada Geotourism,  Creator’s Palette – Bravo LakeWoodlake PrideWoodlake Pride VideoThe City of Woodlake

To participate in Cee’s  Fun Fotos click here.

Cees Fun Foto Challenge 2016.

Where to Find Color for a Photo Challenge Like an Expert

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Woodlake Botanical Gardens

At the Kiwanis Hunger Run, we assembled at the Woodlake Botanical Gardens, which is a well-hidden treasure right on the main street skirting Woodlake.  I wanted to go back and take pictures of the gorgeous roses before it got too hot for them to be beautiful anymore.

Botanical Gardens

I’ll start with the over-all color palate, and narrow it down to individual colors.

Keep in mind this the Main Street in Woodlake.
Keep in mind this the Main Street in Woodlake.

As I entered from the side street, I felt like Dorothy following the Yellow Brick Road.  Sadly I left my red shoes at home.

To have a yellow brick road, one must start with a brick yellow rose.
To have a yellow brick road, one must start with a brick yellow rose.

Keep in mind your job here.  Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to find the perfect colored rose, indeed the perfect rose.  If you don’t think yellow is perfect, let’s move on.

Can you guess the name of this beauty?
Can you guess the name of this beauty?

This one is a little deceiving for the princess who thinks she is going to get just a pink or salmon colored rose.

Want to be my buddy?
Want to be my buddy?

But let’s assume that the perfect rose is pink and only pink.

Somebody’s honey bee

To some ROSES are RED, and only red roses mean anything.  Is that you?

This ain't no violet!

Okay, maybe red isn’t your thing.  Do you prefer more of a mix?

Salmon/yellow/red/orange take your pick.
Salmon/yellow/red/orange take your pick.

Or maybe you like more of a blend of pink, rather than yellow/pink, maybe pink/yellow?

Could this be the perfect rose?
Could this be the perfect rose?

Maybe you can’t decide between red and yellow.  This next choice might be what you would choose as the perfect rose.

Am I blushing?
Am I blushing?

Of course, if you can’t decide on one color, you can always combine them all and get white.

I feel dazzling. How do I look?
I feel dazzling. How do I look?

Maybe you should just site for a bit and ponder.  Picking perfect is exhausting.  Oh, you can’t find the bench? It’s right there with the pink roses.  See it?  Don’t worry; these roses don’t scratch.  They’re perfect!  🙂

Have you made your decision yet?
Have you made your decision yet?

Portland, City of Roses, eat your heart out!  🙂  And may the best rose win.  🙂  Tomorrow I take my FIRST photography class, and Saturday, an all day photo shot – “Wildflowers.”  I can’t wait!  🙂

Where is your favorite garden?