Visit Las Vegas While It’s Cool!

Vacation in Las Vegas at Polo Towers February 23-March 1, 2020

3745 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109 USA

Vince said, “Cut the price in half!”

One-bedroom suite $1,022  for a week! So here you go! $511 for one WEEK in Vegas!

Polo Towers Resort Las Vegas
Polo Tower Suites right on the Las Vegas Strip

We have the perfect opportunity for you to relax and enjoy the Las Vegas Strip, or get out and enjoy the excitement – either works!

Las Vegas Strip outside of Polo Towers.

This beautiful 602 square foot one-bedroom suite with a full kitchen is located on the Las Vegas Strip within walking distance from all the huge casinos. It conveniently comes with a free parking pass. 

Situated between the Miracle Mile of Shops and a strip mall which includes Ross, ABC, CVS makes your stay very comfortable and economical. The resort boasts two pools, a BBQ area, business center services, fitness center, laundry facilities, free WiFi, and local phone calls.

Las Vegas Rental Polo Towers

The view out of our Polo Towers suite on the Las Vegas Strip across from the Aria.

Showing that week are the Cirque du Soleil O, Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil, Zoomanity, Penn and Teller, Blue Man Group and David Copperfield, and Chris Angel.

If you want to sightsee try Hoover Dam – 1 hour, Valley of Fire – 1 hour, Grand Canyon 4.5 hours, or Zion National Park 2.5 hours, Bryce Canyon National Park – 4 hours, and the other three National Parks within 7 hours of Las Vegas.

Polo Towers

Las Vegas Polo Tower Suites February 21-March 1, 2020

This beautiful 602 square foot one-bedroom suite with a full kitchen is located on the Las Vegas Strip within walking distance from all the huge casinos. It conveniently comes with a free parking pass.


What’s Oddball in Las Vegas?


That’s the real answer. Everything here is normal no matter how weird it might seem anywhere else in the world. Umbrellas on the ceiling?

oddballs in Las Vegas
Why Not? Rain expected in Las Vegas?

It’s EDC, Electric Daisy Carnival, weekend. Vince thought it would make it even weirder than normal, but I think not.

These attractive giants posed with others in various outfits all along the strip. They all featured the headdress and feathers, but the rest of the costumes varied. The first ones we saw just had on daisies and little panties. Vince would have preferred them.

These girls were more demure.What was odd is that one of my friends asked if I was really that blond! Sorry, I forgot my feathers!

oddballs in Las Vegas

Too hot for you? It was 110+ while we were out there.

Heady here looks a little more modest but I remember when red and maroon did not go together. Why would you buy this blouse if you live in Vegas? It looks like crushed velvet. Oh… It’s a dress? Whew! What has happened to fashion sense? What’s up with that neckline? Yikes.

The next fashionista wears the same high neckline. We did not see anyone on the streets wearing tops with a high neckline. Again, the heat must have gone to her head and she sports a bright red bag to clash with her textured top.oddballs in Las VegasThe next young man has his own fashion problems.

oddballs in Las Vegas

I knew smalls meant underwear in Australian, so I texted this pic to Carol. She informed me that his smalls had ripped. Poor guy.

That’s all that was odd in Las Vegas – that I could photograph anyway.

oddballs in Las VegasFor more Oddballs visit Cee Neuner’s Oddball Challenge


Texas Hold ‘Em in Vegas

I was raised on 500 rum, canasta, bridge, pinochle, euchre, rook, but never poker.  My husband, will play pinochle, and we had friends who played pinochle with us at least 2-3 times a week, but his true love is poker.  I don’t understand the appeal, but he plays at least monthly.  He pays a flat rate, usually for charity, and when his chips run out – he’s done.  He hates when he comes home early.  Tonight he is not home yet, so I thought I’d write about his exciting event this summer.Usually when he plays poker, he might bring home a few dollars.  One night he came home and told me that he had won $1,000, but he didn’t get the money.  Instead the money was paid to enter him in a major poker tournament that was held in Las Vegas three months ago today.  He was SO excited.  He had the millions he was going to win already planned out.  He watched every poker tv show that came on between the time he won and the tournament.  He ordered a book, Harrington on Hold ‘Em for my Kindle, and read it every chance he could get.  He even taught me to play – I always won.  We played twice.  He tried to replicate what it would be like with 10 people at a table playing. I still won.  We played once.   I don’t like poker.

He called me as soon as he arrived in steamy Las Vegas.  He texted me pictures.  It was the largest senior poker tournament ever held – Baby boomers hit senior status with a bang!.  There were about 4,200 players who started out.

Apparently playing non-stop tournament poker was pretty grueling.  They played for 10 hours with just short breaks for meals and little else.  That wouldn’t work for me.  Apparently it wouldn’t work for many women.  There weren’t many there.The first night he called me at dinner time.  He was still in, but many had already been eliminated.  I think he played until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m., but then he, too, was eliminated.Surprisingly his loss, although it was on the “river”, didn’t disturb him too much.  It was the thrill of a lifetime to get to play with so many other contenders.  It was sort of like the American Idol for old senior poker players.  Like the Idol contestants, it was almost not horrible losing because the experience was so great.

So tonight he is playing tonight with work buddies, maybe 25-40 people, and it is getting late, and he is not home yet.  He just called.

“Are you winning?”  I asked politely.

“Yes, How was your dinner?”  He was just as polite as I.


“Ok, see you later.”  We have long conversations on the phone.  He sounded tired.  So will he come home with another chance to play in the next big senior poker tournament??????  Hmmm.