A Truly Retired Day

V is home, so my alone-time retired day is over, but I thought I’d share what it was like to be truly retired today.

While I waited for the guy to fix the cabana, I spent several hours writing my first fiction book (short story – whatever it turns out to be), a romantic mystery about a therapist named Amanda Church.  V named her.  She’s beautiful and 41, widowed, smart, independent, and funny.  (Hold on there Ralph, she’s not real!!!)  I’m up to chapter two.

Of course I read blogs and answered comments and emails, but I wasn’t overrun with emails full of things I need to do, like normal, so I took my time and explored new sites.  I made a few phone calls including an appointment with a man in our area to get learn more about the history of Tulare County.  His family was one of the first settlers, and in fact, started the first school in this area.

Yesterday when I was making a Valentine’s Day card for V I discovered that I could draw in Photoshop.  Now, I am not much of a drawer with a pen and pencil, (Dianne Gray’s gherkin-faced salesman looked pretty sophisticated to me) and have even less control with the palm of my hand, but I actually drew a flower – like you would see a first grader draw.  I actually scribbled all over V’s card, and had a great time. Fortunately I also made him chocolate chip cookies and yummy soup and sandwiches for dinner.

I don't think I'd win any card making contests!!!
I don’t think I’d win any card making contests!!!

So today, I tried drawing again.  This is what I came up with after a couple of hours, maybe.  The time disappeared.

Piggles was my favorite guinea pig of all times.
Piggles was my favorite guinea pig of all times.


So that was my wonderful, lazy, retired day.  What did you do today?


Raising a Family of Pigs

This was my favorite guinea pig, Piggles.  A friend of mine that I taught with gave her to me as a classroom pet back when we could have classroom pets.  Of course, she lived at my house, not at school.She was so cute that I decided that I wanted to raise guinea pigs, and my friend had other guinea pigs, but I didn’t want to have brothers and sisters having guinea babies, so I went to the pet store and bought Buster, and brought him home as Piggle’s mate.I thought they both had such cute faces.  And they both had cowlicks – very cute.  In fact they looked a little bit alike.  In fact, my friend sold her extra guinea pigs to the pet store.  In fact Piggles and Buster were brother and sister.  Oh well.  They had cute kids.Sorry Tri is so blurry.  This was taken at least 18 years ago.  She used to be much clearer! JK

drawing by Joyce Purporo