Travel theme: Benches

Today I went with my friend Connie to the Best of the Valley Quilt Show at the McDermont Field House in Lindsay, CA.  It was so overwhelming, I decided to use challenges and themes to tell part of the story.  I took over 200 pictures, and it will take me over a year to tell you the story, and by then it will be time for another quilt show.  I can’t believe how MANY talented quilters there are in this area – not to mention the world.

Quilted bench
Quilted bench

One of my favorite sections of the show was at the back, and it was a challenge.  All of the entries had to use the same fabric.  In a future post, I will show you how different those entries were.

Benches 2

Another favorite was the doll section.  This is a character from a children’s book.  I’ll show you others later.   To whet your appetite here are two entries in the show that fit this theme.

Scardy Kitty is comfortable here Prints an Greeting Cards for sale at Fine Art America
Scardy Kitty is comfortable here.   Unmarked prints and greeting cards are for sale at Fine Art America.

Benches and cats go well together.

Can I get on the bench, Mom?
Can I get on the bench, Mom?

This dog wants to get on the bench.

Benches everywhere, no matter what their composition, invite people and animals alike to sit a spell, and enjoy life.