Featured Blog: Casual Blogging with a Theme

Instant Human Just Add Coffee with Random-Caffeine-Induced Discussion Starters caught my eye the second I clicked Kevin Rowe’s site. Kevin pedals friendship and companionable conversation on his blog. He is a sales rep by trade, but you have to go to his about page to learn that. Blogging started as a way for people to stream their thoughts, just as they use journals. What I like about Kevin’s blog is that everything fits his theme of hospitality and “join me in a cup of coffee” atmosphere.

Just Add Coffee

On his sidebar you will find his credential from Blogging University and what he’s reading. Instead of a list of recent posts he has, “Caffeine Inductions.” On the “Coffee Table” is the list of recent comments. Mine is right there on top. Next you will find his topics called “Coffee Blends.” Finally, he introduces you to his favorite blogs under the title of “Blogs I drink coffee with.” You don’t just leave a comment you “Pour a mug and let’s chat.” He showcases his blog posts on a coffee-colored background.

I think I could feel very at home at this blog. What are you doing that makes people want to sit down and park at your blog? Relationships matter to authors whether they blog or not. It takes skill and creativity to create that in person, and even more so online. If you write, it is never just about yourself, it IS social. This may be one of the friendliest and comfortable looking and feeling blogs I have seen in my four years of blogging. Check out Kevin Rowe and sit down for a cup of coffee and read a while. https://instanthumanjustaddcoffee.wordpress.com/

What do you do to draw people into your comfortable blogging arena? I may need to think about this one for a while – while I have a second cup of coffee. Care to join me?


Featured Blog: A Writer’s Path

Ryan Lanz, author of the blog, A Writer’s Path, has attracted an impressive 7,274 followers since July 2014. I am one of them. I like its simple organizational structure. He limited his categories to:

His menu is different, but still simple and to the point:

  • Home
  • About
  • Contact
  • Writer’s Toolbox
  • Advertise your book
  • Newsletter

If you write, this blog is a great place to learn.