Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

Here is a nice reflection on the sweetness of life.  Mary and I had to make difficult choices at Reimer’s Candy Shop in Three Rivers, CA.  This is a favorite stop on the way both to and from the Sequoia National Park to see the big trees.


Both my husband and I compete to see who can lose the most weight while eating the most chocolate.  Right now he is winning.  OK he always wins.  Here is his advice!


What do you think?  🙂


New Award

Super Sweet Blogging Award

Thank you to Nizy’s Life Compendium for nominating me for the beautiful Super Sweet Award.  This award is really yummy, and during my month of not eating sweets along with my fitness blogging friend,  .

With every award come rules, and these are simple.

1)  Thank Nizy, my nominator,

2) Answer 4 questions.