Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

A container holds something.  A car holds people.  Therefore a car is a container.

Smile, it was supposed to be funny.  :)
Smile, it was supposed to be funny. 🙂

Actually, the museum building is also a container.  It  contained mock buildings, which contained relics.


Container is a noun.  Contain is a verb.  Vince and his son could hardly contain their excitement when we went to the California Auto Museum in Sacramento.  Uncontained excitement, like uncontained anything spills out and gets all over.

Have you ever seen such intensity? I couldn’t contain myself from taking this picture.

Their excitement spilled all over me, and I loved the museum, too.  My pick for today’s visit – a classic Woody.  This container even contains a container in the back.


If you ever get to Sacramento, don’t miss this well-kept secret.

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Last 2012 Trip to the Coast

V had a brainstorm the evening of December 28th, and asked, “How would you like to take a day trip to the coast tomorrow?”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. My friend Margaret’s birthday was Dec. 28th, and we hadn’t given them their Christmas present or her birthday present.  So we were up at 5:00 a.m., and by 7:00 we were on the road.

Dec trip to coast 2012005

As you can see it was foggy.  We call this fog Tule fog.   It wasn’t horrible,  but I wanted to give you a taste of it.

Dec trip to coast 2012006

I couldn’t stop to take really great pictures along the way because this was a day trip, and we would leave almost as soon as we got there, like a game of tag you’re it with Spencer and Margaret, only they never come chase us.  You can see that as we got into the hills past Kettleman City that the fog had lifted somewhat, but still clung to the valley floors.

Dec trip to coast 2012010

We approached a big bank of fog as we roller coastered down the road.

Dec trip to coast 2012017

We thought we would get out of the fog by going to the coast, and most of the time that was true, but we were fearful that this was not going to be one of those times.  When we actually got to San Luis Obispo, though, the weather had changed from foggy to downright COLD.  That’s not supposed to happen at the coast, either.

Dec trip to coast 2012022

We had to stop and get our Christmas present at Costco, a huge tri-tip steak.  It works out well as a gift for folks that don’t need to accumulate a bunch more “stuff”.  While we were shopping, we saw my dream car parked in the parking lot charging up.  I hadn’t seen a real live Tesla before, nor had I seen an electric charging station in a shopping mall parking lot.

Dec trip to coast 2012024

I’m guessing that this was SOMEONE’s Christmas present.

Dec trip to coast 2012021

I was curious about the charging posts as well.  I wondered how people paid for the electricity, or if the mall giving it out as a goodwill measure.  Can you tell?  I couldn’t.

Dec trip to coast 2012026

After we tagged Spencer and Margaret, we stopped at Ocean Canyon to make a reservation, since they didn’t have a space for us this week-end.  I had brought our special friend, Manny along to introduce to all of you.  This was the perfect setting to take his portrait.

Dec trip to coast 2012028

He’s not shy about posing anytime anywhere like V is, and he loves to clown around.  He wanted to pose with V, but this is the closest I came to getting V to pose for me.

So now you know a little of what V and I  have been up to so far this holiday.  I have another History Girls’ adventure coming up tomorrow, so I’ll see you in San Diego.  Russel Ray are you home????

Nova Baby Gone, Hubby Goes Indy

I downloaded all my husband’s iPhone pictures today because he has been to some pretty exciting places recently, and I wanted to share them with you.  Among them were his good-bye pictures of his Nova.  He was so in love.The new owner texted him when he had the car parked safely in its new garage.  So now his truck is paid off, his bills are gone, and he’s traveling free!  Yesterday while I was relaxing with friends he was treated to pit-row seats with friends in 104 degree temperature in Fontana watching the Indy 500.  He was in his element.  He and his buds posed on the scooters that the Ganassi racing team uses to get around.The team travels in style.  Ruben is enjoying a break from the heat.They park their semis inches apart and seal up the space so that they have a living room, and other common areas out of the heat.  Sorry these are a little blurry, but I wanted you to see how close these trucks are.  I can’t imagine the stress of parking this close to ANY vehicle, let alone one this valuable, but I guess driving is what these guys do.  They don’t sleep in the trucks, they all have their own motor homes.Being in the pit had its advantages.  They got to see exactly what was going on.  Besides that there are celebrities.  Ashley Judd was there because she is married to one of the drivers, Dario Franchitti.  Mario Andretti was there as well.  Vince told me, “All the good-looking women in the pit are married to the drivers.” He was particularly fascinated with this woman.I’m wondering who she married.  She was totally invested in the event.My husband got home after 1:30 a.m totally wired.  He had a great time!!!