Where to Find a Fabulous Offer for Free Photos

A Fabulous Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Terri Webster Schrandt created the most fabulous offer for bloggers EVER!  You can’t beat a fabulous offer for free photos. Have you ever searched Google for a simple picture to illustrate a poem or a post about needing an editor or overusing the words “fabulous offer?” Terri has just the right answer. Read on! Thank you so much, Terri!

How to Get Hundreds of Free Photos

by Terri Webster Schrandt

For those of you who have followed me for years or just recently, you may know that I am an avid, hobby photographer.

Frustrated with “free” stock image photography sites that promise photos that need “no” attribution, I take all my own photos for my blog and websites. My phone and now, my new camera, go everywhere I go. I’m always looking for interesting photo ops!… Read more.

fabulous offer
fabulous offer
Better Blogging with Photography

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Better Blogging with Photography: Book Review

by Terri Webster Schrandt

Cover Better Blogging with Photography

Easy Read, Great Advice

Did you know that using your iPhone or dsl camera can easily make better blogging with photography? When I read on Ultimate Blog Challenge that her book, Better Blogging with Photography, had come out, I rushed over to Amazon and clicked “buy now with 1 click.” Right away I started making some changes to my blogs.

Thanks, Terri! I’m keeping this book handy as a resource book. I have a lot of remodeling to do.

Well Organized

  1. Having smartphones and digital cameras and processing makes using your own quality photos easy.
  2. Terri’s chapters are well organized with helpful tips on each topic including how to curate and edit your own images.
  3. She tells how she built her blog and gained followers/friends using photos and participating in photo challenges and link parties.
  4. One reader liked her list of credible links to find free images.
  5. She discusses social media. I never considered that photo challenges also publish your post to social media.
  6. She shared some compelling copyright stories to encourage readers to use their own images.
  7. Subscribe to her newsletter for ongoing help.

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