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“How to Get Your Short Story in front of a New Audience”

a testimonial post for Story Chat by Hugh Roberts on his blog, HughsViewsandNews.

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a testimonial post for Story Chat by Geoff Le Pard on his blog, TanGental


Starting at the bottom, links go live when the stories are published. A humongous “Thank you” to our generous authors.

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Readers from a wide audience comment and speculate.

Author joins in discussion explaining meaning, challenging the readers as the discussion progresses.

Story: The People Under the Stairs

Post #2 The Summary

The summary consists of a 9-word summary, an analysis of the readers’ and the author’s comments.

You have the opportunity to publish it as is or use the discussion to make changes.

Book Chat: The People Under the Stairs


I love this post, Marsha — the highlighting of one blogger/writer and the inclusion of so many more. I look forward to other entries like this!

Donna from Retirement Reflections

What a deep dive into the story and all it evoked for the readers. Such a touching response from Hugh – a master story-teller indeed. This was a fascinating look back. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and including my link. 

Diana from D. Wallace Peach

I like how you shared the different ways of how readers interpreted the story. And thank you very much for linking to my blog, Marsha!!

Erica from Erica Kind

I don’t believe I’ve seen another blogger do something like this, so (as far as I’m concerned) it’s unique. Of course, I’ll also share it on my blog.

Hugh of Hugh’s Views and News

You give an author exposure, and readers a chance to develop thoughtful responses. Literary art happens between the space created between writing, reading, and discussing.

-Charli of Carrot Ranch

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