Homewood Suites by the Sacramento, California Airport – A Great Place to Stay

While we were in Sacramento, we discovered another nice hotel that was quite inexpensive.  Normally we stay at the Hampton Inn Suites near the airport in Sacramento when we go there for meetings.  However V and I were paying for this one, so we shopped around.  I went online and got a Hilton Honors card, and looked up Hilton hotels.  The total for two nights including all the taxes was $225, which started out at about $94 a night compared to $139 for Hampton Inn.


This one, Homewood Suites, is right next door to Hampton Inn Suites.  It is about 3 miles from the airport and not much farther from downtown.  There are plenty of stores and fast food restaurants within walking distance, so it is an easy, comfortable place to stay.



We were surprised at how nice our room was.  It was equipped with a full kitchen, living room 2 tables, a king sized bed, nice sized closet, and a bathroom closed off from the sink which was tucked in right next to the closet.  I took a few pictures, but not everything since we had already slept there and messed up the bed before I remembered to do the tourist thing.


Three really nice amenities that Homewood Suites has is a free breakfast, that is really a breakfast.  They had scrambled eggs, sausage and waffles as well as fruit, assorted cereals, breads, and assorted morning breakfast drinks.  Secondly, it had free internet service that actually worked!!!1  I was so thrilled.  The problem was that I was so tired after a few days of staying up into the wee hours, that I went to bed at 9:00 or so and slept all night!  YIKES!!!  Finally it had free parking.  After going to Seattle, and San Francisco, and San Diego and fighting with the traffic and parking fees, it was a pleasure to park anywhere and do it for free.


Manny says he liked it.  The bed was comfortable and big enough for all three of us, though I do think I rolled over on him a few times.  I found him upside down under the covers once.  He burrows!!!

I’ll go back to Homewood Suites, and I’ll recommend it to my friends.  That’s all y’all.  🙂  Come to Sacramento.   We’ll take you go-cart racing!! – Or up to visit the gold country, or to the Railroad Museum, or old Sacramento.  There’s lots to do in Sacramento.  🙂