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Rommel got me started on featuring blogs after my posts.  Have you ever just loved a blog, and they are in an AWARD FREE ZONE?  I have, and I wanted to tell the world why I liked them without them having to stop what they were doing so well to fit their thinking around the rules for the award.  This isn’t an award or a contest.  Featured Bloggers don’t have to do anything as a result of being featured.

Featured Blog

I don’t have a hard and fast rules about the criteria.  Some important blog characteristics to me are:

  1. Appealing content – either in the body of the post or in the comments. (funny, informative, beautiful pictures or art, unusual)
  2. Attractive and easy to navigate
  3. Giving nature of the blog – not self-absorbed as a diary
  4. Up to date with regular entries

When I started blogging, I had no idea how it would take over my life.  I talk about it all day long.  I have spoken about it at Kiwanis, written articles about it, and retired so I could spend more time at it.  The people I have met have influenced me greatly individually, and as a community.  One reason I started featuring blogs has been to give back to the blogging community.

After I had blogged about six months I realized that I had started visiting the same blogs, and by the time I wrote my blog, my day was gone.  Sometimes I lost touch with those who had written back and forth a month or two before.  That motivated me to go back through blogs I follow and spend some time thumbing through posts and pages of blogs I hadn’t seen in a while, or take a look at the new blogs to spend a little time get to know them.

I hate for you to think of me as selfish, but this activity has done way more for me than for the wonderful bloggers I have honored.  I will use this page as a resource as to a brief description of who is who, and on which of my posts I can find the synopsis of their blog.


I hope this page will be helpful to others as well.

If your blog is not listed here, and you’d like to be featured, feel free to email me at tchistorygal@gmail.com.  I’ll be glad to review your blog, and make some comments.  Blogging is personal, just like art.  If I like something it doesn’t mean that you will, but I’ll share a bit about why I like a blog.

Website Featured on Marsha Lee’s Post Notes About Blog
Rumpy Dog Day Trip In Search of Snow Rumpy’s perspective throughout the blog
Cycling Grandma Christmas Sweater author of A Black Cowboy’s Ride Across America
http://reneesrandomblog.wordpress.com/ You’re Invited to Renee’s Online Birthday Party 16 year old photographer and musician
Algarve Blog. Walnuts Change Clothes for the Winter Portuguese
Dianne Gray Book Review: The Everything Theory author of The Everything Theory
Richard Tulloch’s Life on the Road Book Review: The Everything Theory author
Sydney Fong Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate photographer
Bottledworder Sightseeing in Solvang, CA author
Sierra Foothill Garden Book Review: Entertaining an Elephant all about gardening in the foothills
Justice For Raymond Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons advocate for those experiencing injustice
Coming East SUNDAY POST : Concept teacher – very inspiring
Pairodox Farm Sunday Post: Natural Resources natural, organic farmers in PA
Bluefish Way Blog of the Year 2012 just plain fun
Map of Time A Trip Into the Past Sightseeing in Solvang, CA pure history
The Eternal Traveller A Wig and a Promise teacher – a younger version of me, traveler
Mhdriver’s Blog Blog of the Year 2012 photographer and motor home traveler
The Sophomore Slump Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Writer. photographer, poet, and traveler who gave me the idea of featuring post.
Lantern Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise Daniela is a single mom who writes more beautifully in English than most of us who have spoken it all our lives
patriciaddrury Awards Made Easy Patricia is a retired married woman who has rediscovered life, photography and adventure.

What do you think of my choices?

If you would like to start featuring blogs on your own posts, then write a brief description of the blog you want to feature on one of your posts, and ping your post back to me, so I can include it on the list.  If you have many posts, I’ll just start a new page just for your Featured Blogs.

Do you like the Featured Blog image?

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        1. When someone mentions your website on their website, WP sends you a notification in the form of a pingback or trackback – same thing. If click on it you will go to the blog that mentions yours. 🙂 ML 🙂


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