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Most books I read I don’t review.  I don’t know many people who do.  I never used to even keep track of all the books I’d read.  Then I went on an interview once and one of the questions was, “What books have you read this year?”  I couldn’t think of any off the top of my head even though I had read tons.  Then I started asking people with whom I associated and admired what books they read.   Sometimes it started a great conversation.  Sometimes, they admitted that they didn’t like to read.  If you are a blogger, then you MUST like to read a little.  So this page is for you.

Searching my  site only revealed 19 posts on reviews.  some entries summarized more than one book.  As I went along, often I wrote only a sentence or two on Amazon about the book.

Book Reviews

Book on Kindle

Jillian Hoffman suggested revealing our shelves to other bloggers.  I haven’t taken pictures of my shelves filled up before, and it is difficult to do because my room is small. Here are a few of my shelves.  I do love them.  I have them organized loosely into groups like local history, Civil War, how to teach, dictionaries, general history, and quilting and other stuff.

Civil War Shelf

We have two other book cases in other rooms, one of which belonged to my great-grandmother.



22 thoughts on “Books and Reviews”

    1. Oh Denise… It’s spring. What can I say? In a few days it will be so hot I won’t be able to transplant my strawbabies, and for the last two weeks I’ve been doing conferences, History Day and having my bear hunting friends visiting from Wisconsin. OK, I know those are excuses, but I’m relying on them heavily. The other thing that has gotten in my way is my story. My husband wants a male protagonist, and have my main character turn out to be a bad, bad woman. I can’t do that, but now it is in my head that maybe she is not a great as I thought. Of course, since I’m fairly new at fiction, she resembles me somewhat tangentially, so the thought of her turning out to be horrible, well… Then I just saw Wicked. Horrible isn’t ever all bad! 🙂 So, I got stymied.


  1. You are so much more organized than I am. And I love how you’ve got so many historical books about Tulare County. Do you have The King of California by any chance? I didn’t see it on your shelves. It’s about the man who owns a substantial percentage (can’t recall exactly how much) of California’s water rights? Have I asked you this before?


    1. Yes, that is a great book. I knew a man who worked for him as the water engineer. Talk about an intelligent man. He became a good friend, and he passed away this March. When I was in San Francisco, my friend and I stopped in a book store, and there were Tulare County books everywhere. They were from his estate. It’s a small world. I’m looking for the book right now from a distance, and there it is right under the D is for Drinking Gourd shelf. And, no, you didn’t ask me about it before. I think the water rights issues in California are so interesting, but so totally essential that it’s hard to step back from them and say, “Oh that’s interesting.” It’s more than that! 🙂


      1. Wow! That’s so close to home. Bet he could tell stories about all the politics surrounding water use. And you’re right; it is soooo much more than interesting; it’s a matter of life and death for so many parties here.


      2. Yes, he told a few stories to me, but he was long retired by the time I met him. My contact with him was through the historical society, and he wanted them to sponsor History Day, which I coordinated at the county. So, although we chatted some, it was usually about kids. I wish I had gotten closer to him. I would have had to write a water book. Have you read The Other California? That is another really interesting book about the Central Valley including water issues.


  2. I think you give me a run for my money on books, which is amazing and awesome! I too try to keep a log for myself and anyone who stops by my blog of books read with mini critiques…but I read so often that critiquing all would be a near to impossible task. Love this page…so glad to have found it!


      1. It’s nice to carry in your purse. I read on my phone whenever I have a minute waiting somewhere. It’s very hand. Not that I’m a Kindle salesperson or anything. I have shelves and shelves of books. I prefer them for research. 🙂


    1. Mom called it a secretary. The right side pulls down into a desk. There are cubbies for stamps, tape, etc. I have never taken out the items that my mom and her mom had stored in there. It is a great piece. I need to have it redone. It has broken glass and some paint on it that shouldn’t be there. But considering how old it is, it has fared pretty well. Thanks for the nice comment. 🙂 Have a great day. 🙂

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