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Blogging Tools           What will I write today?

Tip One:  Resize your photos to 800 x 533 or smaller.  They load much faster.

Tip Two: Label all your photos so you can locate them later.  Labels like “IMG 296340689” hinder your efforts.  🙂

To receive books handouts with more tips, feel free to contact me via the form below, or by Twitter @MarshaIngrao or LIKE my Facebook Page and message me.

Blogging Credentials

Blogging Posts – As I learn about blogging, I write about it.   As of December 30, 2014, I had 116 articles listed under the category: blogging.  They don’t all show up when you follow this link.

Featured  Bloggers I should keep doing this.  I got interrupted writing books.   After three years, of blogging, I think this works best to develop relationships with people online.

Writing Fiction – I write more non-fiction but read more fiction.  Come learn with me.

Writing Non-Fiction – My blog is primarily non-fiction, as is my first book, Images of America: Woodlake, published August 2015. So You Think You Can Blog? came out last year and is free for signing up on Always Write.

Photo Challenges– All photography challenges me.  I was on a photography blitz with a neighbor and friend researching our area. I fell out of my car trying to stop it from rolling down a hill with my 75-year old passenger in it.  Why?   I jumped out to snap a picture I HAD TO HAVE of Lone Oak Mountain that had no Oak.  Don’t worry.  I’m ok, passenger’s ok, the car stopped and is ok, but my Tameron lens hit the dust too hard.

TC history gal bites the dust
The cause of my downfall. No oak on Lone Oak Mountain is seen in the distance.


Books and Reviews – I read and research something every day.  Sometimes I blog about it.  Sometimes I don’t.

Marketing Your Blog

14 thoughts on “Blogging About”

      1. I’m new to wordpress although my wife is tutoring me along. This page of blogging skills looks very useful . . already checked out a few items and I’ve added it to my favourites list to come back and keep learning. Thanks


        1. Thanks, I’ll stop by later and check out your new blog. Welcome to the WP family. I started last April, and I love it and have met lots of wonderful friends here. Let me know if there’s ever anything I can help you with. I’m always struggling with something, and I’ve hit many of the snags!!! hahaha 🙂


  1. I always resize my photos to no bigger than 600 across. They hardly use up any space then.

    How cool is it to be able to say “my first book…” You are amazing.

    I thought I’d solved all blogging problems but recently the font has become really small on my published posts and I cannot work out how to prevent/change this. I looked in the forums but couldn’t find anything helpful. Maybe I should post a question.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had the opposite problem with my drafts, and it was my Google Chrome. I had to go into the settings on Google Chrome and reset them. Now I notice that all published posts seem to be really small. Yours are very very small. I could hardly read it last time, so that may be a different problem. You probably should check it out, but try your settings first.


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