#BrightSquare 30: Bright Destination – Seven Sacred Pools

#BrightSquare #30, Restless Jo’s Monday Walk

This is it! We made it!

Remember It truly has been a wonderful month, thank you all so much for squaring with me. If you have not had a chance to join in the fun of the squares challenge, why not join us today on this final day. Everyone is always welcome. The theme is bright, and the only rule is that your photographs must be square. If you canโ€™t join us today then no worries, Squares will be back in July! There will also be a Bright Square gallery this weekend.

Becky B

Sedona Old Soldier Pass Trail #4

So far in the last three days, we’ve made it 1/4 mile on the Old Soldier Pass Trail and side tours all the way to Devil’s Kitchen.

  • We learned that there are a total of 8 Devil’s Kitchens geological structures in the United States alone. That doesn’t count other countries. Do you know where the other structure/s are in the world, and when they started using the term.
  • Sadly, there are also restaurants called Devil’s Kitchens in the Untied States.
  • We’ve seen roses on the path.
  • We’ve tentatively identified the rock formations: Brins Mesa, Coffee Pot and Tea Cup, and Wilson Mountain.
  • We’ve exercised a total of nearly 7,000 steps on this hike alone.

The wind blows here a lot. I usually cover any bald spots along my forehead with bangs. In spite of the wind, we made it to Seven Sacred Pools, our goal destination. Joining us were two jeep tours. They did not come the same way or leave the same way we did.

I’m super glad that Vince had the foresight to postpone our walk from Thursday to Friday so that we missed the heavy thunderstorms that hit Sedona. The result was excellent for us. The sacred pools were filled. These reminded me of huge Indian grinding holes which we found in our foothills in California.

Without a book about this trail, I couldn’t find much information about the Seven Sacred Pools in Sedona, not Hawaii. They are filled by a natural stream, which we did not see. It was well-worth the easy 1/2 to 2 mile hike in from the trail head.

On the way out we teamed up with a young couple and hiked the creek bed, which was flat, shady and full of boulders to climb over, trees to climb and rocks to take home. (That’s a joke, Mr. Ranger.)

Our friend had to put quite a bit of muscle into lifting the rock off the ground. Vince, a more experience rock tackler, didn’t even need to flex his muscles.

What’s Next

Any great plans between now and July? I’m going to head over to Natalie the Explorer’s and see what she’s been up to and leave a link.

There’s something new coming with Writer’s Quote’s Wednesdays next week just to keep you off Balance.

A new Story Chat publishes on Tuesday, May 11 by my Scottish friend, Anne Stormont. Story Chat is the brain child of Hugh Roberts who first submitted his short story as a guest post then we followed up with YOUR comments as you chatted. It’s been great fun, but May is my last story. Without YOUR stories, Story Chat dies.

There are several Challenge Host Interviews in the works which I’m excited about. This is open to anyone who hosts or participated in photo or writing challenges and wants to talk about how the challenges affect their lives.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my trips. I’ll look forward to Becky B’s next square contest. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope that squared everyone up. See you next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, a retired educator and wife of a retired realtor. My all-consuming hobby is blogging and it has changed my life. My friends live all over the world. In November 2020, we sold everything and retired to the mile-high desert of Prescott, AZ. We live less than five miles from the Granite Dells, four lakes, and hundreds of trails with our dog, Kalev, and two cats, Moji and Nutter Butter. Vince's sister came with us and lives close by. Every day is a new adventure.

28 thoughts on “#BrightSquare 30: Bright Destination – Seven Sacred Pools”

  1. what a great end to the walk, and love the rock lifting!! Very clever ๐Ÿ™‚

    I don’t think we have any Devil’s Kitchens in the UK but I have walked a Devil’s Punch Bowl and a Devil’s Dyke!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You do. I believe that’s where the name started in like the 1600s.
      “The English name for ‘Twll Du’ on the Y Garn (Glyderau), a mountain in Snowdonia, northern Wales, UK” Wikipedia.


    1. She was a cutie, wasn’t she. I took more pictures of the dog, too, but he wasn’t nearly as interested in photographs as she was. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’m glad you made to the Sacred Pools, they look beautiful – and glad they were filled with water for you too ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for plans between now and July, we have a trip up to Newcastle later this month – our first visit to Chris’s home town since last August and our first stay away from home since last October. It feels like a mini-adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kirstin, Where is the Devil’s Punchbowl? I don’t remember seeing that, and I’ve been up and down the coast. I guess I didn’t take a picture of it. That would be a great name for a bar just as Devil’s Kitchen is the name of a restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I know. I was expecting something a bit bigger and more moving. They almost look like grinding holes that we have in our rocks in CA.


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