Becky B’s Bright Squares: Well-Dressed Vegas Bag Lady

BrightSquare Day 8

“As usual for a Squares Challenge month I will be sharing squares daily, and I would love it if you did the same. However if daily sounds too daunting, don’t worry. It is fine to join us weekly or even just pop in occasionally with your squares. The frequency of your squares depends on you and also your blog. All I ask is that your image has 4 equal sides, and that it reflects the theme of bright.”

Becky B.

Virtual Vacation to Vegas #6 Pink Bag Lady

bright pink robot window display in Las Vegas
bright pink robot window display in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

Ms. Robot’s future is so bright, she can’t keep her feet on the ground. Wish her luck selling handbags. They’re heavy. Her arms are getting a little bent out of shape.

A Few Little Plugs

Here’s a BRIGHT idea. It’s not too late to link a #BrightSquare post to Sunday Stills about YOUR Volunteer Work. Please stop by my blog for sure this Sunday. I’m hosting for one more week while Terri gets her internet going.

If you’re good at using quotes with your BrightSquares, link up one or two of them with Wednesday’s Quotes on the topic of Fitness, Health, and Wellness. You can combine challenges and post any time until next Tuesday.

Friday is Lucky #13 in the series of Challenge Host Interviews with Natalie the Explorer, hostess of Weekend Coffee Share. 

April’s STORY CHAT with the Twilight-Zone-like story, Miniature Planet is up and going like a Chatty Cathy doll (do I date myself?) Stop by, enjoy some of Natalie’s coffee, a beignet, and chat.

Thanks for sticking with me for eight days. Have a great day.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

30 thoughts on “Becky B’s Bright Squares: Well-Dressed Vegas Bag Lady”

          1. I couldn’t hear her through the glass barrier, so she might have been. It was like watching her through a police line-up with the sound turned off! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

    1. I do too, even if I’d never buy the stuff in a million years., it looks so cute. I need to develop an eye for arranging so that I can take more still life pictures.


    1. I’m thinking she could handle 6 easily. Two crissscross her body, two regular shoulder bags, and two hand bags, and for good measure, a fanny pack. 🙂


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