March Story Chat Summary: “Wanda Lust”

Welcome to March Story Chat Summary

I was super honored this month to introduce A. Kid and his friends Pal and Curley from the Carrot Ranch Saddle-Up Saloon to my friends in the Always Write Community. So come on in, enjoy a cuppa your favorite or favourite drink. Have a seat, take your shoes off, and get comfy.

Story Chat
Friends sit around the table discussing the latest unpublished short-story.

99-Word Summary

This is a fictitious story by a fictitious author about fictitious friends known in the virtual Carrot Ranch community.

Formerly “ornery Ernie” reported that his wife had been kidnapped. He reasoned it was a criminal disappearance because she hadn’t left him her usual note saying that she had “picked up” another man. Ernie admitted that she was strong enough to pick up a man.

So the search party organized and set out. Curley the pig found the lost woman in the hay with the man she picked up. Everyone involved agreed with Curley that debauchery was preferable to debutchery.

Introduction to the Author and Characters In Wanda-Lust

D. Avery here with some back story without dialect. Kid and Pal just showed up one day as characters who live and work at Carrot Ranch. Their flashes became all dialogue at some point as they became weekly regulars at the Ranch. More made up characters were roped into their stories, and I am pretty sure that they are all included in this story. Kid especially has become more and more independent, says he identifies as real. Hence the story written by A. Kid. Kid also writes buckaroo-ku and some flash.

Nowadays Kid and Pal have been given room to stretch in the Saddle Up Saloon, the Monday posting at Carrot Ranch that features interviews, karaoke, recipes, art shows, and now twice monthly guest hosted poetry challenges. Stop by sometime! And thank you for commenting here, Kid will be thrilled.

Readers Said This

Lisa Bradshaw hahahaha and they say we all speak English.. 

Cathy Cade I’m not even gonna try the accent, but this sounds like fun. It’s an irreverent mix of story and random characters (none that I’ve met before, but I know them). And there’s a strong sense of not taking yourself seriously that seems almost – well – British.

They Liked it. They Liked it!

Sue Spitulnik This was delightful, and all Kid’s and Pal’s friends in one place.

Sam Goldie Kirk What a fun story. Marsha, you’re a great hostess as always!

Charli Mills Wanda-Lust wasn’t corny at all with a piglet involved. Fun writing, D. Your mind is full of characters and cleverness.

Anne Goodwin Lovely crazy story. Interesting you had Doc Ranger pondering genre as I was already wondering if this was memoir, fiction or BOTS. I’m always in awe of how you weave these characters, D.

A. Kid Anne, kin it be BOTS if the author’s a fictional character from a virtual ranch? But I’ll take that ta mean it reads real which is real pleasin’ ta me. Them pictures mess with how I see things but reckon I need ta git used ta other folks’ visuals, ya know, like in case this gits picked up by netflix er some sech.

Jules Paige A right fun read. Glad to be a part – even if I didn’t lasso any villain’s. ~The Poet Lariat (of CR).

Colleen Chesebro OMG! Curley saved the day! And buckaroo-KU! I loved that, D. You are so gosh dern creative. And, that’s the extent of my cowboy rap! Lovely feature, Marsha. Hugs and hats off to you both! 

Thanks for coming to Story Chat, all y’all. I hope you will all be back in April with Doug Jacquier entertains us with “Miniature Planet.” See my page for more Story Chat details.

Have a great week. Don’t forget to visit the Saloon.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

28 thoughts on “March Story Chat Summary: “Wanda Lust””

    1. Thank you, Cathy. And thanks for always being so supportive by making comments. Yours are always so perfect. This was more of a fun post, so there weren’t any suggestions, so it was an easy summary. 🙂

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        1. No, not impossible, My delete key does things it shouldn’t and I find myself missing whole paragraphs and as I’m rereading, I’m scratching my head wondering what I’m reading. Then I press undo, and my paragraph returns. 🙂

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