Tanka Tuesday: Moving in a Week


SENRYU IN ENGLISH: Traditional 5/7/5, Current 3/5/3, and Current 2/3/2 syllable structure. A Senryu is written about love, a personal event, and should have irony present.  

Preparing to move
Operating by a list
Can’t find my pencil


Boxes stacked, labeled
Too heavy to carry out
Destructive to toes


Garage sale over
Priceless trinkets hauled away
Mom's bunny - no way!
Relaxing today
Fuzzy pajamas and rain
Somehow it gets done.

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Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

10 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday: Moving in a Week”

  1. That’s awesome, Marsha! Says it all perfectly! We are finally sitting down enjoying our new living room carpet. We spent since 9am making the backyard pretty, cleaning clutter, etc. Ima pooped! I’ll text you a pic! Take care of yourself dear!

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    1. Send me pics. I’m going to work up my Sunday Stills post this evening after I quit packing. I’m almost done. The main rooms are done. I need more boxes. I can’t wait to see how beautiful your house is. Don’t you just love it when you get it all done, and they poop or walk on the floor with muddy feet when you are going for spotless. The good news is that you don’t have to be spotless forever, just for the pictures, showing appointments, and appraisal. Other than that it is box decor. 🙂

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