66 Reasons People Get Up at 2:00 and Might Want to Read Your Blog Even If They Don’t Read Blogs

Why You Can’t Sleep at 2:00 am?

Everyone can’t sleep at 2:00 am sometimes. Your blog just might have the answer they need to help them get back to sleep.

Jon Morrow suggests that bloggers should consider what would wake someone at 2:00 am and write a post about it. This question always bugged me because I couldn’t think of a reason I would get out of bed to read a blog. Well, it wasn’t 2:00 am. 

Now it is, and I can’t sleep!

 I decided to brainstorm some reasons people might get up. So here is an authentic list of blog post topics for you. You probably could add to this list, and please do. 

Note: Ordinarily, I edit out my weird thoughts, but not at 2:00 am. One of them might be the reason for your next viral post. Let me know if it is. 🙂

can't sleep

  1. To pee
  2. Too hot
  3. Too cold
  4. Stomach hurts
  5. Muscles hurt
  6. Someone is sick
  7. Research bad news
  8. A headache
  9. To solve a problem
  10. Too many ideas
  11. Unfinished work
  12. Laundry to put in the dryer
  13. Laundry to put in the washer
  14. To clean
  15. Laundry to fold
  16. Watch a movie
  17. Chat with best friend in Australia
  18. Write a blog post
  19. Write a chapter in a novel
  20. Write in diary
  21. Write a solution before it disappears
  22. Make a list
  23. Eat
  24. Watch Tv
  25. Read a book
  26. Read Emails
  27. Read blogs
  28. Read something boring to go back to sleep
  29. Work a puzzle
  30. Play solitaire
  31. Play Farkle
  32. Horny
  33. Dry eyes
  34. Teary eyes
  35. The dog puked on bed
  36. The dog pooped on bed
  37. A cat deposited a mouse on you
  38. A car drove by setting off automatic lights
  39. Noise on the roof
  40. Raccoons in the cat food
  41. Raccoons on the grill cover looking for cat food
  42. Catfight
  43. Barking dogs
  44. Sirens
  45. Smell of smoke
  46. A nightmare
  47. A tree falling on the roof
  48. A car driving through a wall
  49. A tornado
  50. A hurricane
  51. The lights go out
  52. The lights come back on
  53. The quiet
  54. Ringing in the ears
  55. A notification on the phone
  56. A mis-set alarm
  57. A phone call from a loved one in a different time zone
  58. Bad news
  59. Good news
  60. Christmas eve
  61. Wrap presents
  62. Shake presents
  63. Research an upcoming trip
  64. Book an upcoming trip
  65. Book a flight
  66. Book a car

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

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