How to See the Medial Student’s Perspective Even if You Didn’t Attend Medical School – Didn’t Get Frazzled by David Z. Hirsch

Medical Student’s Perspective

Rarely does anyone write a novel from the medical student’s perspective. In Didn’t Get Frazzled David Hirsch skillfully shared the anxiety and humor that all medical students must face in their journey to be the doctors you trust with your life.

Medical Student's PerspectiveMarsha’s Amazon Review

Seth made it through medical school with the help of his zany friends both medical and non-medical. When he lost his girlfriend mid-book, his personal life satisfaction gauge slipped from half-full to a blinking, dinging EMPTY. The numerous and medically correct sex scenes would Probably not offend a nun, nor excite a 16-year-old male or female. However, I recommend not to drink and read at the same time unless you enjoy the burning sensation of liquid excreted from your nose and the warm spray coating the 20-foot area in front of you.

High school students who might be considering a medical career without researching anything but the salary of a should read this book.

Descriptions That Endear the Protagonist and His Situation As a Medical Student

As an author you will notice Hirsch’s skillful descriptions, mostly journaling his internal feelings. When his girlfriend found another love, he expressed what most people couldn’t.

“This is what keeps me up nights. I don’t have one thought anymore that doesn’t contradict some other thought. I’ve got the blues and hot red rage, green envy and pale blahs. The colors and conflicting emotions have all swirled together with such intensity they’ve become inseparable.”

Eighty-nine percent of readers agreed that this was a creative description. You’ll have to read the book to find out what caught his attention.

“I had to be careful not to look directly at it so my retinas wouldn’t peel off.”

Ninety-two percent highlighted this gem. What could be more excruciating?

“This is like watching paint dry while being burned at the stake.”

Character Descriptions with a Humorous Punch

Hirsche wrote character descriptions I’d love to copy. Can’t you just picture this narcissistic doctor or intern?

“He worked in an alternate universe where time and space bent to his will.”

Another person you might not want to meet was this woman. If you stay out of adult supply stores, you will probably never run into a saleslady of this caliber.

The saleslady blended into the smut behind her like a horned viper in a dune field. Her hair bound into angry spikes, her skin ensconced with piercings and sprawling tattoos, she epitomized reckless titillation to any who dared enter. Yet she carried herself with all the vitality of a three-toed sloth…

As he progressed through the four years as a medical student, he became the team member with the most knowledge. One first-year student, Kara, he found annoying but humbly realized how far he had progressed during the course of study.

“Kara, on the other hand, blinked at me, an empty vessel awaiting the gift of knowledge.”

Kara had a particularly timorous experience examing a prisoner patient, but you have to wait for the end of the book to read it.

Five Stars – One of the Funniest Books I’ve Ever Read, Yet Surprisingly Touching

Hirsch walks you through every phase of medical school relating the medical student’s perspective. Seth hated pediatrics but loved cardiac care. Gynecology nearly ruined his instructor and him. If you are a woman, you’ll cringe as you skim painfully through those experiences.

He used conversations with patients to expound his philosophy, which will warm your heart. One patient wanted only to go home. The charge doctor smoothly kept her so long that her husband was about to lose his job. Seth stealthily shares the words to say that help the woman advocate for herself. She got out, and no one knew how she did it, but those closest to Seth suspected he somehow spoke privately to her with the attending physician in the room.

All the while he’s memorizing and sleeping in shifts, sometimes at the hospital, he’s mourning the loss of his girlfriend. In the beginning, he made a case that showed they had as much in common as an earwig and a NASA astronaut. Nonetheless, she was his earwig and was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. You will sympathize, but like his friends, want him to move on instead of acting like a silk moth hovering around a mulberry tree.

Didn’t Get Frazzled was Hirsch’s first book. I hope he will write more books from the medical student’s perspective soon! His rankings on Amazon aren’t braggable yet, but with your help ordering his book and leaving him a review, it will rise quickly. If you want a fun read, Didn’t Get Frazzled is for you.

And don’t forget the review.

Amazon Biography

Even his biography made me laugh.

Read about David Z. Hirsch on Amazon, but don’t get taken in. At first, you will think, “Wow, no kidding?”

Then it hits you.

He uses a pen name. About all you know for sure is that he is a practicing physician. He could be yours.

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