How can we encourage more readers to leave reviews for our books?

Why Reviews on Amazon Matter

Do you write reviews on your blog? Do you leave an Amazon review as well?  Authors, especially indie authors depend on your reviews. Take a few minutes and write a quick review.

write Amazon Reviews

Source: How can we encourage more readers to leave reviews for our books?

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

11 thoughts on “How can we encourage more readers to leave reviews for our books?”

    1. To be honest, I don’t either. It’s one extra step to review on Amazon. Many of my reviews are not of indie writers, so those authors don’t care as much when they already have hundreds or thousands of reviews. Sometimes I come in 20 years after the book came out, so they are new to me and to some of my readers, but not to Amazon. It’s a different reason for reviewing than for selling a book that just came out.

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      1. It is. I agree. I am happy to review a new book by a new author on Amazon; and interview, rather than review, authors and illustrators on the readilearn blog. However it seems a bit redundant to review an older already popular book. I guess we do what we feel is right at the time.

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        1. In my case, I just started blogging, and I reviewed what I read, scrambling to get a post out every day! At that time I didn’t even know what an indie author was! 🙂 Gosh, I’ve grown up! 🙂 Except that I’m still always scrambling to get something done! 🙂

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          1. There is no way I could keep up the pace of one post a day as a writer or a reader. I set myself a goal of twice a week and that’s what I’ve maintained. I try to comment on posts published by those who comment on mine, but I don’t get to them, especially all if they post every day. Unless I’ve got oodles of time, which happens never. 🙂

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          2. Your sensible schedule sounds very doable. I do comment on all my commenters. that doesn’t take much time because they aren’t asking me to do something – usually. Emails take me a lot of time because most emails involve something that needs to be done, and usually by me! I am committed to Thursdays now – a book review. And here it is Thursday and for the first time in about a year or two, I don’t have one ready. YIKES! Consistency is the most important thing. We are like little newspapers. When they come out on schedule we keep reading. When they lag behind, we pick up another newspaper. 🙂

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          3. That’s interesting, Marsha. I also strive for consistency and believe it to be important. However, thinking of all the blogs I follow, there is only one whose schedule I am totally familiar with. Mostly the notifications just come to my inbox and I read them when I can. I rarely get to my reader so prefer to have email notifications. That way I can read if I get (make) the time. I know there are others who manage much more successfully than I do, but I do what I can. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂

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  1. I honestly don’t know why more people don’t leave reviews. They don’t even have to be a paragraph. Just a few words such as “I loved it”, “fantastic”, “meh” will do the trick.


    1. How true! I hope people read your comment. I think I’ll add it to my giveaway about writing a top review. I tend to get a little carried away with writing reviews. 🙂 You are absolutely correct. 🙂

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