Used Tombstone for Sale in Crows Nest

Antiques tell their own stories and vary from country to country. Some locations are famous for their antique shops. The sleepy town of Crows Nest only let us peek in the windows and make guesses.

Jimmy Crow statue of Crows Nest, AU

Antiquing in Crows Nest, Queensland Australia

Australia Series #8

Crows Nest
Antique Shop in Crows Nest

On the way to the Bunya Mountains, we stopped at Crows Nest, Queensland. The ominous rain clouds parted revealing a perfect sky.

How Did Crows Nest Get Its Name?

Believe it or not, Australia has a Jimmy Crow, an Aborigine or indigenous person who helped Europeans when they came to Australia. He slept in a tree and gave the town its name. The town honored Jimmy Crow in a statue, and I stepped into his tree for an Australian photo op.

As we sauntered from the park in the town square, we saw Roger’s Antique Store. Glen quickly grabbed on of the available spots right in front of the store.

“I have to go in here. My friends love antique stores,” I told them. “I wonder what Australians sell in their antique stores.”

Roger had not anticipated our stop. Maybe he expected rain.

“Let’s window shop at least.” Carol said.

Crows Nest Window
Monkeying around window shopping in Crows Nest

Business was not brisk on Wednesday. The store was closed. Maybe the owner, Roger was monkeying around with this speak-no-evil blue and white pottery piece..

“Prices are pretty high. Good thing the dollar is good right now,” Carol quipped.

Crows Nest Antique Shop
I’ve never seen vases like this in the USA. I wonder if the price is for all three pieces?

Carol makes beautiful quilts. Maybe she would like a fancy sewing machine.

Crows Nest Antique Store
It’s not a Singer.

Proving I Was In Crows Nest

The above picture documents my presence in the small Queensland town of Crows Nest. In the window, you can see me taking a picture and the street and the park across the street.

Crows Nest phone booth
“Hello, hello?” No answer at this phone booth. Can you see Mr. ET? He turned his back.

You see much more evidence of Great Britain in Australia. How would you use this British phone booth for sale at Roger’s Antiques?

Crows Nest
Manny and Eckie could not decide whether to get up in Crows Nest.

Carol and I travel with stuffed animals and they tell their own stories. When I developed a fascination with echidnas, Leanne Cole bought me the stuffed pet from the Healesville Sanctuary. Echidnas, also known as spiny anteaters, are egg laying mammals.

Manny wanted to test the phone booth. He told Eckie he wanted to call his friends back home and his other friends in Spain. Eckie wanted to sleep.  

Carol pointed out the little stone next to the fire alarm. I worried that Manny might pull the fire alarm when he could not find a phone in the fire-engine-red phone booth. I did not need to worry. He fell back asleep.

crows nest

Even though this is not Jimmy Crow’s tombstone, it is used, and you can buy it at the Roger’s Antique Furniture shop in Crows Nest.

Did Roger sand the name off? Could time have erased it, or possibly the person never died in the first place? Did someone have too many tombstones? The questions are endless.

If you have a post about Australia, feel free to link it in the comment section.

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