What’s Odd about a Bologna Feed?

A Bologna Feed Fundraiser?



Yummy??? Look at all that mayonnaise and mustard.  mmmmmm???

Yes, each year Woodlake High School Foundation hosts a 50’s dress-up fundraiser and serves barbecued bologna as the main course.

I know. It sounds totally gross. It’s not bad unless you eat the white Wonder Bread (or whatever the new version of that is.) I don’t know about you, but white bread sticks to my teeth. Even though it matches pretty well, I don’t like lumpy smiles.

Kitty litter made with graham crackers and Tootsie Rolls
Kitty litter made with graham crackers and Tootsie Rolls

But I digress. In addition to eating bologna, participants compete for prizes for the best trashy appetizers and the best white trash costumes. I hesitate even to write that since it brings up race, but cigarettes rolled up in t-shirt sleeves can’t be described any other way. Besides Vince and I won one year, and I just wore stuff out of my closet. Pretty cool, huh?

The Weiners! :)
The Wieners! 🙂 Wait! Maybe it was for our food, Spankies?

I had some of those pink foam hair rollers left over from the 70s that were outdated from the 50s. Yes, they were crumbling, but they had one last hurrah before I tossed them.

Costume weiners in 2014
Costume wieners in 2014

In the year 2014, we won the Bologna Feed prize for our best dressed – again right out of the closet! Yikes! Well, maybe not Vince’s. His teeth were creepy! 🙂

Yummy cigarettes made of pretzels.
Yummy cigarettes made of pretzels.

The appetizers are lots of fun. This year we had tons of cigarettes and butts.

The Ingrao tradition is to make something containing Spam. This year it was “S’more Spam Please.” You might want the recipe.

From Vince's sign
From Vince’s sign
  • 1 can spam
  • 1 box of graham crackers
  • 1 bag of marshmallows – medium size
  • 2 large Hershey’s candy bars broken into chunks

Assemble the smores: graham crackers on the bottom, Spam, then chocolate, and finally marshmallows, or as Vince calls them, Marshamallows. Put the layers in the oven and broil them for a second. Then remove and add a top layer of graham crackers to make a perfect Spam sandwich.

Sally Pace assured me that they were excellent. I did not try them.

Vince's Famous Spankies
Vince’s Famous Spankies

In 2013 we won the appetizer contest we made “Spankies” and created a trashy platter of cardboard, aluminum foil and duct tape for them. Making Spankies was complicated. You cut Hostess Twinkies in half and stuff spam into the frosting hole. Again, I heard they were quite tasty. As much as I love Twinkies, I did not try those either.

I do not know how much money the Woodlake High School Foundation made at this high-brow event, but clearly, everyone has a great time – even if they were not white trash.

I may be the worst videographer, but Drew Sorensen, Woodlake Unified Superintendent, tells his version of the Spankies story starting at about the 47th second point. It’s worth a scoot through to see it.

Woodlake is in a poor agricultural county of California and has about 95% free lunches, which defines the school as being in a low economic area. Traditionally, the Woodlake High School Foundation presents about $350,000 in scholarships each year.

No other school in the county that I know about distributes that much in scholarships, so that means a lot of hard work for the Foundation and a tremendous amount of sacrificial giving from the community.

The students of this community also provide all kinds of community service. They are outstanding kids. They volunteer with service organizations like Woodlake Pride, Key and Builder’s Clubs, and Interact Club, just to name a few. The community is so proud of them, and many donate time to interview students for senior exit interview, scholarship interviews, and interviews to pick who goes to leadership conferences.

Spamtures from 2014 Bologna Feed.
Spamtures from 2014 Bologna Feed.

The Bologna Feed is one small part of the effort it takes to raise $350,000 each year. But one thing you can say about the people of Woodlake. They know how to have fun together while they serve their community.

The Chamber of Commerce is proud to welcome one of its newest members, The Woodlake High School Foundation.

This post turned out to be much more than an Odd Ball post for Cee Neuner’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge. But it fits. Not only are the subjects of the pictures strange, but it seems just plain odd to me to have so much fun giving money – even for good causes!

Cee's OddBall

For more ideas about oddball photographs visit Cee Neuner and all of her other competitors.



Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here. http://wp.me/P7tP3I-2

10 thoughts on “What’s Odd about a Bologna Feed?”

    1. Thanks, Cee. Our food was odd, for sure! I wish you could have seen Vince smile. In the video one of the guys blackened some of his teeth. I thought it was real. I laugh every time I play it! 😀 Thanks for your fun challenges, Cee. I have so much fun with this one especially.


  1. Spam and more spam! Those dishes are hilarious and I would be tempted to try them and sneakily remove the spam when no one was looking. Then I would eat the rest because it all sounds delicious. What exactly is bologna? I don’t think we have it here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It tastes a lot like hotdogs without the skin. The bologna that they fried was really tasty. We bought the cheap thin kind when I was a kid, folded it in half and put it between two white pieces of bread slathered with mayonnaise. Now that was home cookin’! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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