How Do You Create a Gravatar that Best Represents YOU?

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Steve and I are looking for YOUR stories.

When I started my blog, determining how I wanted to present myself to the world was harder than figuring out the mechanics of doing it. I struggled and changed mine several times. Did anyone else have trouble with this?

Debbie Simorte
This is my favorite Gravatar photo!
  • How did you create your Gravatar profile?
    • How did you choose a picture to represent who you want the world to know?
      • Did you wear distinctive clothing, a hat or scarf to set you apart from others?
      • Did you pose in an odd position?
      • Did you choose a setting that revealed your character?
  • What 140 characters tell about you best? (Since March 2016 Gravatars are no longer limited to 140 characters.) Did you …
    • Create a list?
    • Reveal a unique quirk about yourself?
    • Post your credentials?
    • Do you plug your Gravatar with hashtags and promotions?
  • Did you ever follow-up to see what attracted your readers to you?

Tell us your online creation struggle. Answer in the comment section, or write a post and drop a link to it in the comment section. Share some Gravatars you like.

Here are tips about the technology of Gravatars.

  1. Sharechair

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

6 thoughts on “How Do You Create a Gravatar that Best Represents YOU?”

  1. I don’t really like my Gravatar – but it was the one I originally chose when I started my blog so I’m sticking to it because people know it’s me when they see it. I think I originally chose it because it gave me a bit of anonymity and it was taken in a place I love (in a boat) 😀


  2. You can say that again! But I agree that it’s difficult to change once it’s what people recognize you by. I dashed mine off, and now I think I could have done a better job…


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