How to Juggle Multiple Blogs and Stay Sane

Ooops, mistake, Can’t be done!

But it can, and yesterday I found out why and how.

Yesterday I met with blogger guru, Steve Woods, from Tulare County Office of Education. Steve has been an editor of a site that advised bloggers on how to build successful blogs. We are going to write Because of Blogging together and contacting on some of you for quotes of your opinions and advice, too.

So, why have more than one blog, in the first insane place?

Steve pointed out that this blog, Marsha Lee’s Steaming Thoughts, is like my own personal house. Vince does not live here. It’s all about me. Most people do not see the inside of my house. Well, unless I invite them in. So, the point Steve made is, that if I am going to write a book about non-professional blogs, I’d better keep this blog going. I put my feet on the couch to trim my toenails. I don’t mind if there’s a clean pan left on the stove for a bit. I’ll put it away shortly. My best friends come over and can put up their feet too.

OK, I accept that. This IS my home. It’s not a professional blog, and it represents four years of my life.

My office
My office

In the process of talking, Steve suggested that everyone who blogs probably needs a blog like this one, which is their home. This is where I write everything. Thoughts right out of my head, some not so polished. OK, I’ll correct that. All not so refined! As one spammer put it, “Your blog is rife with errors!”

Ouch! Come on, I proofread like crazy!

Since I live here, I must spend a little time cleaning it up, organizing it, repainting once in a while. I don’t have to clean every day, but Steve convinced me not to give it up. I wanted to write a post about Seder at Elaine’s. I thought I would post it on my new blog.

Seder at Elaine's 2016
Seder at Elaine’s 2016

Steve shook his head no. I talked about flirting with Ralph in Spain while I was awake all night on a long train to Portland, Oregon. He grinned. He only knows me professionally. He said to write it down, but keep it on my home blog. Some things just don’t fit on my new blog.

My new blog, Just Write, is where I work, my office. Right now I’m spending a lot of time over there, building and decorating it. It works like a business, email campaigns, guest blog posts, interview with famous bloggers, authors, and photographers – in other words, my friends from here and others.

May Sunset in Elderwood, CA
May Sunset in Elderwood, CA

Actually, having another blog, and still keeping this one frees me up a little. Yes, I’m going to spend more time there for a while. But I have this place where I can still come home and relax. I’m going to learn a lot because I have to, so that should make maintaining my home a little easier. I’m going to be trolling the reader to visit more like-minded people and inviting them over to my house.

Because of Blogging is not about the professional blogger, but in the process of writing it, I’m learning how to be a professional blogger. Steve suggested that if I am writing about the non-professional blogger, I’d better not let my main blog, the one I love dearly, fall into disrepair.

Sometimes I love being told what to do. It takes the pressure off. So this is what Steve suggested to me.

  1. Treat your blogs like a hobby. Spend money to get the right equipment. You spend $30 for a lunch out with your friend, do not be afraid to buy a premium theme and get WP support. That just saved hours. If you go self-hosted, buy the plugins you need to make it work effectively.
  2. Treat your blogs like a job. Work on them regularly. You do not have to work every day, but you need to develop consistency.
  3. Treat your blogs like your home. Repair them, weed them out, organize them. They represent you.
  4. Make your blogs unique. Do not repost news posts, food pictures, or flower garden posts just to fill up your blog.
  5. Keep notes for a future blog post along with the pictures to go with it in a Google folder. Note also how you felt on that occasion about the activity or the post. Then you can pull it out on a rainy day, and create a new post.
  6. Calm down! Do not blog every day for the wrong reason. Recently, I read this advice from Dries Conje from Smart Blogging,

“But posting daily just doesn’t work for you. You don’t meet your traffic and income goals, you don’t get a flood of visitors, and your subscriber numbers stagnate. Now you’re doubting your ability to be a successful blogger, and you feel like a sweatshop worker, working super-hard with no real reward. The post-every-day strategy takes all the fun out of blogging. Deep down, you suspect this strategy is downright dangerous.”

If you do those six things, you blogging life will get more manageable. You will see other bloggers in their homes. You will build meaningful relationships, and you won’t wear out. Does that sound sane? Do you have some advice for us? Beware, we may contact you and ask for permission to use it in Because of Blogging.

Meanwhile, if you’d like my free book, So You Think You Can Blog?, click on Manny, and I’ll send it.

Ralph taught me everything I know about Blogging. He even took this picture.
“Ralph taught me everything I know about Blogging. He even took this picture.”


Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

7 thoughts on “How to Juggle Multiple Blogs and Stay Sane”

  1. I don’t think i could keep two blogs going at the same time. I’d become awfully confused. Think I’ll keep all my eggs in one basket and hope I don’t trip up and spill them. 😀 Hope you don’t mind my mentioning that you’ve repeated four sentences towards the beginning of this post……..the bit about the toenails.

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