Ten Quick Blogging Tips

Millions of people blog now. Some of them do it well.  I’ve been blogging on WordPress, Blogger for four years. As I learn about blogging, I write about it. Below I’ve listed some quick tips.



Tip One:  Resize your photos to 800 x  600 or smaller.  They load faster and take up less space.

Tip Two: Label all your photos, including the description section, so you can locate them later.  Labels like “IMG 296340689” hinder your efforts.  Use words that are SEO friendly, meaning words that relate to your blog to help search engines find you.  🙂


Several of these tips work for marketing as well as content.

Tip Three: Focus your efforts on a few related things.

Tip Four: Reward yourself until your blog takes off with your blogging credentials – awards given by others. These are like chain letters, and take a lot of time, but they build relationships and help the cyberworld get to know you.

Tip Five:  Feature other  bloggers on your site.  This takes a lot of time browsing sites, and commenting, but establishes long-term relationships. I recommend looking for five new sites a day to look at, starting with your most recent followers. Another place to look for new blogs is to visit blogs your friends like. You might also meet people through Facebook writing groups. Feature those friends as well.

Tip Six:  Participate in Photo Challenges. You honor the person hosting the challenge, and you meet new people who can help you grow. Share your unique perspective through your narrative.

Tip Seven:  Write book and movie and reviews. That is a new writing genre I just learned but forgot the name for it. I write more non-fiction but read more fiction. Feature a page highlighting YOUR recommendations for reading. You have to be a voracious reader in order to write – even poorly. If you write well people will wonder what you read and watch and why. Don’t forget to copy and post your review on Amazon and other big sites. Then ask your friends and readers to like your reviews on those public venues.

Tip Eight:  Readers and publishers want to see your unique perspective and what you are doing. People frequently ask me what my days look like. How do you work, raise a family, eat and do normal routine stuff, and still have time to write?


Tip Nine: Market your blog and capture your readers’ email address and blog site using the “Add Contract Form” button.


Tip Ten:  Clean out your blog. Take out articles that did not do well. If the topic is good, redo the post, and publish it as a new article. Keep your categories organized. Click here to read a complete article on editing categories. Publishers look for excellent, sometimes specific work and lots of interaction, not necessarily lots of followers.

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To encourage all bloggers
To encourage bloggers


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Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

8 thoughts on “Ten Quick Blogging Tips”

  1. Thanks for the tips, Marsha. I find the most worthwhile thing is networking with others – I’ve met lots of lovely, interesting people this way. The problem is not to let it take up TOO much of your time…


  2. Great work done here. You have a great blog indeed. I”ve learned quite many things. I thank you for sharing. I’ll refer my readers to this post when I publish my article on blogging on Monday morning.


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