How Do You Find Your Posts on LinkedIn?

Do Your Posts Get Lost in the Shuffle?

As an author, blogger, and webmaster I spend hours on multiple social media sites.

Have you ever posted something, and forgotten whether you posted it or not?

Possibly it did not show up in the first place. That happened to me with the last post I created on Always Write. So I wanted to check to see if it had posted on LinkedIn. The problem was that I couldn’t find my posts on LinkedIn. They are not in the dropdown menu or on your profile page like they are on Twitter.

Today I learned how to find my forgotten posts.

Here is how you find YOUR posts on LinkedIn.

How to find your posts on LinkedIn. Thank you Donna.
How to find your posts on LinkedIn. Thank you Donna.
  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Click the View Profile As blue button.
  3. Click the top button View Recent Activity.

Easy as one-two-three.

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Moving Blog Contents

Almost anyone can learn to blog.
Almost anyone can learn to blog.

With a gleam in her eye, Puppy Girl stares across the table at me and dares me to stop blogging. I am helpless. I have blogging blood flowing through my veins. This new blog is an expansion of my four years of blogging on – a move to For those of you who know me, my goal in life is to learn something and share my experiences as I go. If you are on a blogging journey I hope you will join me as we learn together.

I have imported TC History Gal Productions content to this blog. Hopefully my followers will move with me. It was easy to do.

  1. Click on the blog you want to move.
  2. Click on Tools.
  3. Click on EXPORT. The blog you want to move will download to your computer or external drive.
  4. Go to your new blog.
  5. Click on IMPORT. Find the file you just exported and click on it and upload the file. ALL DONE!

Video to show you all the steps at

I love my other blogs. They take on their own personalities, and I never quite know exactly how a blog will develop until it does. Inspired by a class, Intentional Blogging, I decided to quit “renting” my blog and so this is my first “house.” Please join me here as I continue to practice what I’m learning about blogging, writing, photography, and publishing. According to the instructor, Jeff Goins, offers more capabilities than the blog could offer, so a new learning process begins.

To encourage all bloggers
To encourage all bloggers

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In it I share my journey from obscurity into the world of blogging, complete with the many trials I encountered. My readers recommended it for neophyte or discouraged bloggers. If you would like to sign up to receive it, sign up below, and I’ll send you the link.


Stuck About What to Blog?


When you cannot think of a thing to blog, write a list.

List Pic
Compliments of Google Search

Below is my LIST of several reasons that I believe blogging helped me and can help you too. If you have not decided to try blogging yet, I hope this list will urge you to start blogging…NOW. And now, it’s all about me!

  1. Blogging keeps me sharp and helps me develop and learn.
  2. Blogging gave me an office of friends and co-workers around the world who were willing to share their ability with me, and keep me company right in my home.
  3. Blogging maximized my doors of opportunities in ways I could not foresee. Arcadia Publishing Company noticed a post about my town and asked me to write a book about Woodlake. What a thrill and an achievement of one of my lifetime goals! Next, I wrote two novels, two children’s books and now this book along with its longer counterpart, Because of Blogging  because a friend encouraged me to step out and do it!
  4. Blogging developed my skills in technology, writing, drawing, and photography. Using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrated to process photos, create flyers, and brochures is no longer a mystery. Miss Earningway even tried to sell some photographs – unsuccessfully, I might add, but it was an experiment. A Bamboo electronic sketch pad helped me to start drawing and publishing a few of my drawings.
  5. Blogging developed marketing and communication skills. Social media became my best friend, and I expanded from doing it only for myself to dragging in all the organizations to which I belonged, right in with me. WordPress publicized automatically to several accounts, so I had to set up and learn to use those accounts.
  6. Blogging refined and expanded my hobbies because writing helps you learn new skills.

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Color My World Violet

Purple looks good on flowers.

Hawaiian sunlight shining through
Hawaiian sunlight shining through

Purple looks good on quilts.

Best of the Valley Quilt Show
Best of the Valley Quilt Show

Purple looks good in gardens.

Color My World Pruple101
Petunia purple

It’s a color that never wilts.

Hawaiian ceremonial dancers keep their cool in purple.
Hawaiian ceremonial dancers keep their cool in purple.

Purple glows at sunrise.

Purple skies in morning
Purple skies in morning

Promises nary a drop of rain, but sky-bound blooms grow wild.

fragrant lavendar bloom wild
wildflowers near Three Rivers, CA

A mysterious woman waits for the train.

Best of Valley Quilt show
Best of Valley Quilt show

Have a happy purple day, and y’all come back now.

Ceremonial dancers
Ceremonial Hawaiian dancers
Porterville Iris Show
Porterville Iris Show

FREE E-Book Coming: So I Think I Can Blog

Chapter One: Sure I COULD Write, But Why Blog?

“The seasons are passing one by one.

So gather moments while you may,

Collect the dreams you dream today

Remember, will you remember

The times of your life”

Lyrics by Bill Lane, melody by Roger Nichols, Sung by Paul Anka

At age ten I knew I would be a famous writer. My fifth grade teacher liked a poem I wrote, so I must have shared my poem, my dream or both with my parents. My dad teasingly nicknamed me Hemist Earningway. Dad normally criticized more than he nurtured, and in my eyes he was an expert on everything. Buoyed with this showy bloom of fatherly enthusiasm, I sent in a writing sample to an address in New York from a magazine ad. Each day I rushed to the mailbox when I got home from school. I felt sure that the company would soon tell me I had talent, and send me a contract to write a book. The form letter finally arrived. I’m sure I cried. Maybe my dad was not as all-knowing as I thought.


Being a good writer doesn’t bring you success in the blogosphere either, but read on and do not be discouraged. Eventually if you keep writing and learning, you will have a successful, well-read blog.

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