Spanish Baby Liam & The Californian Bear

Manny’s brother and counterpart in crime, Lammy, has gone to live in Spain with baby Liam. I had to use Kalev’s dog leash on Manny to keep him at home when he saw Lammy getting into his travel box.

Bluefish Way









Oh, come on cats ! They are good kids. And Sonic, stop ripping up my pants !


Some of you, dear commenters, have asked how Liam is. Liam is Toni & Pedro’s baby. The stork bought him to my neighbour’s house in our Spanish village late last December.

b1 Liam and Ralph. December 2014


And then, out of the blue, Marsha …..


…..sent a lovely soft toy which happens to be Manny’s big brother…….


…… all the way from California, USA, to Liam in the mountains of Andalucia, Spain.

Lammy was cooped up in the parcel for 24 days with no air holes. Poor bear !


Lammy is Liam’s first and only soft toy.

b21 Liam and Lammy. April 2015



Her husband Pedro away for the day, Toni brought her children up to my apartment for a photo shoot with Lammy for this post and to send to Marsha.

b15 Eidan, Toni, Lammy…

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