Do you need to lose weight? I do.

IMG_4042Eating out has always been the primary entertainment in my family. I like to eat, and I have a healthy appetite. When I was young my eyes were too big for my stomach, but that has changed. Martha, sitting across from me, is doing the cleanse with me. Amanda doesn’t need to lose weight. She’s the President of CCSS this year, and all the weight of its world is on her shoulders. Elane has lost weight because she just doesn’t eat very much.

TransformationToday I started on a 10-day cleanse using Purium products that I ordered from my friend, Martha Infante. Unlike the woman pictured in the transformation guide, I am 63, 5’5”and this morning weighed 154. Vince took ugly before pictures of me, which I won’t scare you with unless I get appreciably better looking in the next ten days.

Amino Acid pills

So far I’ve had 5 pills that taste a little minty, and are full of protein, and 18 ounces of water. Right now I’m enjoying my morning green shake that tastes a little like grass, the kind that grows in your front yard. I have a headache because my face still hurts a little from my fall, and I’m cold from drinking so much water.

This tastes better than it looks.
This tastes better than it looks.

My philosophy about weight stems from watching my mother struggle through her last 20 years of life, and go through a divorce because my dad didn’t like her weight (among other things.) Keeping my weight at a manageable level has always been important to me because my mother weighed between 200 and 230 most of my life. The slimmest I ever saw her when she was active was 175, and she looked great. She was 5’4”. She had high blood pressure, and at 60 lost a kidney to cancer, and went on dialysis at 72 and lived to enjoy her 80th birthday. For 20 years she had several heart attacks that would have killed most people, but Mom functioned on about 5% of her heart, her arteries clogged, and valves damaged beyond repair. I credit her long life to a great attitude about life, good doctors, and no drinking or smoking.

Mom weighed about 150 when she was 80, and sharank to about 5'2".
Mom weighed about 150 when she was 80, and shrank to about 5’2″.

This summer my weight started creeping up. I lost my will to eat right and exercise. When Martha told me about a cleanse, I and decided to give it a try. If this is successful I’ll let you know.


Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

22 thoughts on “Do you need to lose weight? I do.”

    1. It’s a lifestyle issue, for sure. To keep healthy is a constant series of choices, and I tend to like to make the wrong ones. Therefore my weight bounces a little. Thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂


    1. They are creepy! That’s why I’m doing this. When I start to see creeping, I get busy and act rather than waiting for a giant overhaul. I’m down 3 pounds after two days, and if I can continue that way, I’ll reach my goal. Then it will be easy to maintain for a few more years. Hopefully. Next January we will challenge it, I’m sure! 🙂 Can’t wait! 🙂

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  1. Good luck with your weight loss, Marsha. I think the best thing that comes with losing weight is how much better and more energetic you will feel. (Not that you don’t already have enough energy for ten people! Look out world! Marsha’s coming on even stronger than before!)

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    1. You are so funny! I guess that’s why I love your books. Have you written any new ones? I’m still working on my Girls on Fire. I had to write an entire middle part to develop the girls better.


  2. Hope your face is feeling exceedingly better and is healed! Love the photos, especially the effervescent atmosphere of the first one!! I drink raw food smoothies all the time and definitely can appreciate the value of their detoxing, cleansing properties. Hope you are feeling groovy! Hugs,

    smiling toad


      1. Sounds atrocious. I am sorry you had a nasty reaction. I don’t feel such effects from my little green smoothies every day. They just consist of various greens and some fruit. They’re my substitute for coffee in the morning 😀 I sadly had to face the fact that coffee and I do not get on well… BLAST 😦


  3. My diet is exercise. First thing in the morning I grab my camera and walk or bike all over San Diego County taking pictures. I average about 500 pictures a day and, depending on where I go, either 3-7 miles a day on foot or 10-14 miles on bike.

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        1. And you always do better than I do, RR. You are one amazing blog camper. You know you also have to take into account the many bloggers that you add along the way. Pretty soon you’ll be up to 60, then 100, etc. By the time you’re my age, you’ll be up to every two or three years! 🙂


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