Oh My, What Have You Done?

Nothing is not the right answer.  Blogging is not it either.  I wish it were.

Branding Time

Do you get roped into things?  Do you sometimes feel like you’ve been branded as the girl who says yes to too many things at once?

Scan 27R

Sometimes I feel like I’ve kicked up so much dust, that a can of worms might be a good thing in comparison. Today I talked to our CPA and learned about 501(c)(3), and I hope we’ve filed all out paperwork.  I created a program for our Western Regional Breakfast that’s happening at the NCSS Conference in Boston next month.  I found out about awards for the program.  I learned about the Woodlake Rodeo.  I did laundry, made lunch and dinner, cleaned the kitchen, took a walk, went to the post office and mailed a letter to a 10-year-old P.O. Box and I hope to find the person who owns the bottom picture to get her permission to use it, so promise me that you won’t steal it.


I posted important stuff on Facebook for CCSS.  So the truth is that today, I’ve done a lot, but can I remember it when my husband comes home and asks me what I’ve done?  I do, but that was the wrong question.  Does he really want to listen to me list it all?  I think you know that answer.  That’s why I’m telling YOU – and guess what?  He’ll end up reading about it on Facebook tomorrow.  hehehe  🙂

Mill Inn-6R sepia

Right this second I’m feeling a little light headed (yes, I did get my hair cut, but only about 2-3 people even missed the 5-6 inches I’ve chopped off) But that’s not why I’m light headed.  I’m dizzy with excitement because I’m almost finished with my book, Images of America Woodlake – 15,894 words out of a total possible of 8,000 to 18,000, and 192 pictures out of a possible 200. What I’ve learned cannot even come close to a limit of 18,000 words. That has been the hardest part. Collecting pictures from those whose names I get from friends, and of those, the ones who return my call or email. Those are the ones whose minute pieces of the story get in the book. Some people have given me hundreds of photos. Some only one. I have to leave out so much, and someone’s feelings are bound to get hurt when the book is published. There is SOOOOO much more to tell. But, that is not my story – at least not for this book.

IMG_3685R sep ps

So what did you do today?  Do you need someone to listen to your list?  Write it in the comment section.  There, doesn’t that feel better?  You really did do something today!

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

16 thoughts on “Oh My, What Have You Done?”

  1. What I did today … let me see; wake up which is only appearance of course until I manage to get my first coffee fix! Went to work where I still am while sneakily writing these lines! Before day is over I still have chores to do and then finally reaching home to write (unless, as usual, too tired to do so -:))!
    Greetings from ‘down under’!
    Daniela (of the Lantern Post).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is great to hear from you too! Isn’t that just sheer beauty of blogging world – we can be away for months and then visit each other’s blog to catch up! Things are going fine here – spring is still not too warm but hopefully that will change very soon!
        Take Care,

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        1. We are having perfect weather. The temperatures are so mild I can go for a walk in the midafternoon. In the summer I can’t stand it much past about 6:00 a.m. Blogging is wonderful. Last week Leanne Cole, Carol Sherritt and I had a three way video call that amazed us all. Imagine two people from the far corners of Australia talking to (and SEEING) a Californian all in real time at no cost! It was astounding!!!!


  2. OH wow I love this! The photo at the end is awesome! Made me smile. My list of what I did can be summed up by having a wonderful evening with my daughter and that makes my entire day! Then I saw this post and had to comment! Love the bowl hair cut comment! My girl swears I did that to her but I didn’t!
    Have an awesome evening! 😀


    1. I’m glad you had such a great time with your daughter. What kinds of things do you both enjoy? My mom and I used to love to drive in the country after school and watch Shirley Temple movies when they came on. I thought that the bowl on the head thing was in my generation, but it turns out that it was in my mother’s generation. I think I got haircuts like that because my hair was so straight and thin, but, of course, my brother had butch hair cuts when he was young, and grew it long, long when he hit his teens.


    1. I have seen evidence that you HAVE been poductive. Sorry to burst your bubble of happy non-productivity. Or maybe you didn’t take and process those pictures I’ve been seeing on Google +. 🙂


  3. Wow…..I’m seriously impressed, Marsha! You must be very happy with everything you’ve achieved so far. Good luck with the book. It sounds like you really enjoyed writing it, and sorting through all those photos, must have been not only fascinating, but also very time consuming.
    All I’ve done today is strip the bed linen and put it in the wash, and drunk a cup of green tea whilst catching up with a few bloggers. I’m sure I’ll get quite busy though, once I’m dressed. Have a great day. xx 🙂

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    1. So we start alike only coffee is in my cup. Hubby gets up earlier than I and makes the best coffee in the world. PG is lying on my lap, and I’m answering notifications and emails which involves reading my favorite blogs. I only have 20 more minutes before my friend arrives, and I need to be dressed and ready to go walk. Got to stay fit! 🙂

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  4. You’ve had a very productive day, Marsha! It’s morning here, but I’ll tell you about my day yesterday. I also had my hair cut, I did the grocery shopping, I planted five tomato trees and four pepper trees, I built an ‘above ground’ garden, cooked a banana cake with walnuts and chow mien for dinner then took the dogs for a walk to the creek (phew – it didn’t really seem like that much until I wrote it down) 😉


  5. Firstly you look lovely in that dress!
    Secondly … what have I done… not as much as you…. got surprised by a visit of my son’t girlfriend’s mum, had tea and a chat, then walk to the post office, walk to the cobbler to repair my shoe, but got instead a lecture of which shoes not to buy and then about life according to Nietzsche. Well in the end he could not repair my shoe. Then home to read some blogs while having a cappuccino…. and I am still there trying to catch up.
    Enjoy your weekend Marsha!


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