Sue’s Word a Week – Orange

I love the sunny color of orange, and the sweet flavor as well.  No place salutes orange better than Orange Works in Strathmore, CA  on the west side of Highway 65.

Orange works1I drive thirty miles just for a taste.   The orange picker brings in crates of warm oranges from the field outside the back door of the restaurant. He squeezes the whole crate of them into just one pitcher.  From there the juice magically turns into ice cream or smoothies.

It’s the perfect treat for a hot, dry California summer day.

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Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

17 thoughts on “Sue’s Word a Week – Orange”

  1. That sounds delicious. We must go there when I come to visit. Our citrus trees are loaded with fruit at the moment. I’m eating a mandarine every day, but the oranges need a good frost to sweeten them up a little. We have more limes than we can cope with and I’m giving them away left, right and centre. Would you like some?


    1. I’d love a lime. A friend gave me a bunch of gorgeous and delicious lemons the other day. This is really citrus country, but it sounds like your area is, too. Can’t wait until you get here! 🙂


        1. 🙂 What kinds? All limes or do you have oranges? We had a huge grapefruit tree, but Vince had it cut down because it was old and diseased. We didn’t eat grapefruits either. We cut down 3 orange trees when we moved in that were spindly, old and diseased. I’d like to get orange trees back again.


          1. We have a myer lemon, a navel orange, a lemonade, a mandarine and a Tahitian lime. Which is actually five trees not four! The lemon got a fungus so Glen gave it a good prune. It’s got lots of new heathy growth. Everything else is loaded with fruit.


  2. Oh yes, marvelous. Scrumptious and crackling is your description. Just my kind of place, I must say! Can just taste it.

    The photo and your description reminds me very much of a local place here. We amble off to it when the oranges are in season. It is known as Harvey’s. They has been in business since 1926, its nascence marked alongside the busy Rt 1 as a little fruit stand of oranges and grapefruit. Now brimming with rows and rows of blazing oranges. It is one of the few family-owned orange groves in Florida. Beautiful and historic, with the same classic farmhouse architecture and the wind-lashed white paint peeling in the sunlight as one comes swanning through the entrance. Har har, and the oranges are absolutely superb.


    Autumn Jade


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