Reviewing Reams of Irresistible Romances

We visited the revitalized Visalia Electric caboose at Mooney Grove Park today.

Visalia Electric Caboose

Many of my Tulare County Historical Society friends asked me what I have done since I retired.

“Blah blah, and by the way I’ve written a book.”

“Oh, what kind?” Their eyes light up. (probably a history of something in Tulare County)

“A romance.” Their eyes unlight.  “How nice.”

Writing a romance is not easy – even for dummies.  I’ve read Writing Romance Books for Dummies book as part of my market research and learning process, and I’ve learned that there are so many different kinds of romances.  Additionally, I learned that most of the readers are well-read, well-educated, intelligent females.  “Jess!”  This book is a great place to start if you are serious about writing, and it will help you avoid the pitfalls I fell into as I wrote, then maybe you wouldn’t have to spend so much time rewriting.  I purchased a whole library of books for writers, but I’m not going to review them because, unless you are going to write books, you wont be interested in them.  Besides I haven’t read them yet!  hehe  🙂

Here is the list of romances I’ve read in the last month.



Title & Author Review
7 Waking Up Married, Mira Lynn Kelly Connor meets and marries the girl of his dreams who spontaneously wore a tee-shirt with the words, “GOT SPERM?” sprawled across the font.   When Megan woke up in Vegas married, and throwing up the drinks from the night before,  she was ready to right the wrong immediately. However, Connor told her he wouldn’t give her a divorce until she tried the marriage.  This definitely can be categorized as a contemporary romance.
7 Hidden, Catherine McKenzie This suspenseful romance begins with the accidental death of husband/friend, and reveals the depths of the lives his death devastated. The reader plunges from one point of view to another.  It was confusing for the first few chapters because the author bounced back and forth in time as well.  Nonetheless, it was a page turner.  This definitely can be categorized as a contemporary romance.
5 Killer Cupcakes, Leighann Dobbs Lexy moved into her grandmother’s house right next door to a handsome investigator.  Unfortunately, she became the object of his investigation when her former boyfriend died as a result of poisoning after eating her cupcakes.  This definitely can be categorized as a contemporary romance.
5 Cupid’s Curse, Kathi Daley Zoe’s father falls in love with the wicked witch of the West, and when someone dies, Zoe steps out of her animal rescue business to help the police solve the murder.  She determines that the wicked witch, not only killed the victim, but that her dad is in danger as well.  The author keeps the reader guessing until the end to find out if her theory was correct.  This definitely is categorized as a contemporary romance.
6 Bang! You’re Dead, Debra Salonen With a heroine named Judy Banger, this can’t be anything but an erotic comedy.  Poor Judy is old by romantic standards, but brings home an really old guy who treated her with respect and concern. They have graphic sex, and he dies.  As much as this isn’t my kind of romance, if you could even call it that, it is very funny.  This definitely can be categorized as a erotica, but leans heavily into comedy.  It is contemporary as well.
3 Sneakers, Sandals, and Stilettos, Natasha Deen I had to stop reading this book in the middle, and I lost interest and never went back to it.  It might be great.
9 Chasing Fire, Nora Roberts This suspense romance spins two romances.  The primary romance blazes between daring, young, beautiful Rowan Tripp, lead “smoke jumper”  and a rookie “smoke jumper.”  The second, and less combustible romance develops around Rowan’s single parent/father, Iron Man Tripp, a retired “smoke jumper.” The nearly 500-page book moves swiftly through mishaps, murders, and near accidents.  Amazingly, I solved the murder successfully, which is unusual for me.  This definitely can be categorized as a contemporary romance.
7 Shotgun Bride, Linda Lael Miller Kade McKettrick needed marry to please his father and earn the right to inherit his property, so he ordered six brides.  By the time they arrived in early March, 1885, he had fallen in love with a feisty hotel clerk who worked for his sister-in-law.  The two of them fought through many rugged, wild-west adventures fighting off bad guys, and nearly getting killed.  This book had two other minor romances brewing at the same time, and several tragedies.  I never realized there were so many cowboy romances until I read the Writing Romance book.  This was my introduction to this genre.

About fifty percent of books written today are romance.  Romance sells, and even if the book is classified as a different genre, there is usually some romance woven into the plot.  The books listed above classify as romance first, and historical or suspense second.   I hope this ream of romance reviews helps you pick out your next good read.  But save room in your romance-reading schedule for Girls on Fire when it comes out!  🙂




Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

15 thoughts on “Reviewing Reams of Irresistible Romances”

  1. I look forward to your book. It’s not a genre I usually turn too as plots tend to be the same- though do like a little romance in historical fiction, etc. Good Luck! Do you have a publisher?


    1. No, I’ve been researching self-publishing and publishers. I think it is very difficult to get a publisher. I have a friend who publishes books in our area, and I know he would publish it for me, but I’m finding that marketing is the next big hurdle, as you know. It’s such a learning curve, isn’t it?


  2. I typically won’t go near a romance book if I can help it, but I happened across “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” recently (not knowing anything about it) and found it excellent. It’s as much about history as romance, and I found it well written and interesting. As you noted, there are many different genres of romance, which you can’t say for many other writing genres.


    1. Cotton, Romance is as old as history itself! You can’t read or write history without a touch of romance. That’s why text books are so boring. They erase the emotions that caused the history making in the first part. 🙂 Nonetheless, most readers of “romance” are women. 🙂 The author has to sneak it in for the men.


    1. I’m reading How to Write Romance Books for Dummies. I can already see some major changes, though. Basic stuff I didn’t realize we’re part of writing romances. My first chapter needs the most work. Sparks need to be flying already, even if they didn’t get along. I may just eliminate the first chapter. It can be filler later in the book as you fi in the back story.


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