Sunday Post: Flowers

Jakesprinter always animates his challenges.


I respond unanimatedly.  The topic this week is flowers, and what woman can resist that?  This first picture came from Pikes Peak Market in Seattle.  The assortment of flowers amazed us, and the price was so affordable that if I had shared a room with anyone, even for a few days, I would have purchased a bouquet.

Pike Place Market 9

My friend Sally and I went to an iris festival last year.  Showy flowers like irises and roses seem to gravitate towards my camera.  The sun was much too bright on this May afternoon, so I darkened this picture some.

TC Iris Festival

Purple ruled my camera’s heart that day.

TC Iris Festival

How much more difficult it was to take beautiful pictures of flowers among the wildflowers in the foothills last spring.  This year I imagine there are none, and the grass is mostly dusty dried up blades.

Wildflower class

Wait for it.  Even my tripod got tired, but beauty is there.

SFW Wildflower class20130420_30 (1)When there are thousands of flowers from which to choose, is it any easier to find a good picture?Botanical Gardens

I looked through all my Botanical Garden pictures, and the same few are still my favorites.  My camera wasn’t as picky with these gems.  This time out, I picked a picture I haven’t shown you because it is so busy, and darkened the contrast to accommodate for too much sunshine.  You can imagine how overpowering it is to walk into and entire garden this beautiful.

SFW TC 2013 Botanical Gardens076bc

Flowers grab us and our cameras wherever they are.

Just so you know, our peach trees are starting to turn the fields pink here in Tulare County (no camera with me).  Downtown Visalia and Woodlake are in bloom already.  We are supposed to get snow in the mountains today which we need desperately.  How is your weather today?

By the way, I finished self-editing my book after two fairly solid months of work.  It turned out to be just over 61,000 words.  I am now ready to send it to a real editor to have it hacked up a little more, then I plan to self-publish it.  A friend asked me how I was going to market it.  I feel like I’m having a baby that is obviously not going to be living on its own right away, and I hadn’t counted on it needing so much loving care!

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

31 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Flowers”

  1. Wonderfully vivid array of flowers for Jake’s challenge, Marsha. The pale purple Iris is my favourite, but it must have been so awesome to walk amongst all those roses. Well done with your book. I’m sure you’ll let us all know when you finally give birth. xx 🙂


    1. I will indeed. I’m waiting to hear from a friend of mine I’ve asked to edit it. If I don’t hear soon, I’ll ask someone else. I’m getting anxious. three months from conception, and I’m already anxious. No wonder I never had kids. 🙂


  2. I sure miss California. You having peach blossoms popping out. We are freezing are butts off with single digit weather below freezing and ice and snow. We’ve had water pipes bursting – without water for a few days. In a nut shell it is not suppose to be this cold. So much for global warming. Like your flower photos.


    1. Awwww Time to buy flowers. My husband bought some a couple of weeks ago, and there are still a few left that are ok. He weeds out the bouquet daily to keep it looking healthy. 🙂


    1. Actually, that’s not me. That was our teacher. I immediately sat in a soft pile of cow manure, and was a disgrace for the rest of the class. There was nothing I could do about it except wear my light jacket tied around my waist! 🙂


  3. How wonderful going to an iris festival – wow!

    Congrats on the book – 61,000 words? That is a big baby 😉 Best of luck all round and self-publishing the only way to go 😉


  4. Good luck with your book MVBFM. 61000 words !! I hope they were not the same word !! hehe 😉 Nice to here that California is finally having some rain. You need it !! Ralph xox 😀


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