A Quickie

If you are not a regular reader of mine, this post may seem like a waste of cyberspace.  I’ve never taken such a long break from blogging, and I miss you all, but I have a Board meeting tomorrow morning in Ontario.  It’s a long drive, and since I’m the gavel banger, I have to have my act together.  Our big conference is March 7-9, and both Vince and I are working our tails off getting the website up to speed, and helping with the details of the conference.


I say all that to apologize for not visiting much, posting at all or even responding to comments very often.  I promise you are all in my thoughts.  I browse Facebook, so if you are my FB friend, I’ll see you more often since I have to post updates for CCSS every day.

Thanks for being understanding, and staying with me.  I promise after this weekend at the very least, I will be a better “post”er child.   That was a lame joke.   BTW

What are you all doing this weekend?

Love and hugs to you all  🙂  xox

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here. http://wp.me/P7tP3I-2

61 thoughts on “A Quickie”

          1. Check the time to see what it will be for you when it is midnight here. I know they are very strict about it and if you post your assignment late they will not accept it. I didn’t leave mine till the last minute.


  1. The girls have a hockey game tomorrow & one on Sunday. Other than that – I plan to chill at home. It’s too cold for me to wander out & about.
    Happy Weekend Marsha! 🙂


  2. Greetings from another overtimer,

    Great you are working to put together such as worthwhile conference. I have been working a lot of hours, but a breather now. SmilingToad has a video gig for her SmilingToad Productions, for an independent artist. Very exciting.

    Good luck on all your projects and to hear how they all went!
    Take care, XX


    1. That is awesome. She has some amazing talents! I’m glad to hear she gets to display them. Glad you get to breathe, finally!!! The meeting went we, I think. Now comes the follow up on action items.


        1. That makes sense. So this is like a screened in veranda. Nice! When we lived in the midwest, it seemed like all the older homes in nice neighborhoods had screened in porches. That was my favorite place in my grandparent’s house. 🙂 With all those mosquitos, you need walls around your walls! 🙂


  3. Aye aye, have missed yeh dear lassie! So glad you are so well-engaged. Wonderful!! The Tinker Armband Story sounds extremely inspiring indeed!! Sounds like it is going to be a very exciting and interesting conference. I would just love to be there.

    P.S. If the joke is lame, I am quite, as I seem to be near-death from all the violent checkles it inspired. 😉

    This weekend, you ask?? Just returned from a shoot in the poorer areas of Orlando that Sir strangely kept attempting to talk me out of. I am working on a music video about addiction. I think he mentioned this to you here.

    Right, so after I was told by a law-enforcer that I should not sprawl on the ground to film oil-stains and fissures and dead leaves and so forth, I suddenly found myself drawn to a very beautifully painted dumpster glimmering in the distance- and then- it seemed we were in a bit of a ghetto.

    A woman from NYC appeared and began chiming away to me about the house she occupies. It is the oldest in Orlando, and extremely endangered. She went on about drinking tea on her porch in the morning, and how they will demolish the house in a couple years, as they did the others than once had been on the slightly balding street. The very wee children were very happy and seemed to keep cheeping things at me and giggling, pointing and laughing… I don’t understand it. They should have been terrified and trembling behind their mum, quaking like aspens- as I am a very scary brute.

    After that, I swaggered on. Sir trailed behind, looking a bit timid. So did the actor, Thome. I don’t know what he was thinking…perhaps the night I almost got us arrested for walking or almost murdered after accidentally stumbling onto a drug-drop.

    Anyhow, I wore my tough Fonzie coat and strutted about in a very monolithic manner. I am also well-over 8 feet tall and must weigh more than the average manatee. Plenty of street cred there. I did not feel timid.

    Well, one man decided he needed a new pal, so he trotted up to me, complimented my Fonz coat, and began showing me around. Sir and the actor Thome streamed behind us, dappled with the slight drizzle of rain that was misting forth, as Mr. Davis and I walked the doleful corner of Paramore and Jackson, where harsh reality is all too real- many have perished via drug overdose and gunshot there. Four being the most recent deaths, Saturday night.

    Mr. Davis wants to do another shoot with me this Sunday when gang members are slumbering away in the early morn. He announced he got out of prison 9 days ago. I immediately gave him my number. And exuberantly agreed more shoots were in order. He talked a bit about his struggle with addiction. He said quite a few powerful things.

    Sir whispered something to me about getting carried away, but I don’t think I heard it through all the camera-snaps.


    -Da Toad


    1. Another P.S.

      Just want you to know we will be safe. I did not actually plan to go right into the ghetto-and then a fellow appeared and suddenly a documentary sort of thing was unfolding, and how could I stop?

      Hugs to you and V, and hope all is going swimmingly with your conference preparations!



    2. Wow, that’s quite an adventure. Cavorting with prisoners, actors, drug addicts, homeless and, of course, Sir. How you manage to drag poor Sir into all these adventures is amazing to me, especially if he is looking timid. I’m astounded. He did tell me about the shoot, so I’m interested in seeing it as soon as possible. 🙂


      1. Aye aye, is it not just grand?? Poor Sir, but I tell him to just not worry about it and sail on. He shall be fine. Whenever I have placed him into real mortal danger, I have always managed to save him, or coax others into it.

        One time he almost drowned because of me, unfortunately…rather unintentional…and cameras were not even involved! All I did was drag him to the ocean with me for a spot of wave-watching, when suddenly I saw some fish dart right out of the rabid white crest of one of the waves and I bugled, “Look at the fish!” to Sir. We both waded closer, no more than mid-femur, and then suddenly, Sir was drowning and we were in over our heads…The rip current was a bit of a brute that day. I was used to being tangled up in rip currents going out to sea, but Sir was not. It had been especially powerful all that week in October and 8 people had already drowned. (one time I saved a Frenchwoman from getting caught up in it, which was rather intriguing). It wasn’t our intention to really get in. Well, he started whispering the word “help” which was not very audible above the roar. Rather nightmare-fashion, where one tries to scream and nothing comes out. For Sir. I don’t have this problem. Panic was completely draining him. Deadly. However, I heard him and proceeded to push him into the shallows. I could stand up, so I know he could, though he isn’t quite 8 feet tall, as I am. He had no belief that were in the shallows, however, and continued to struggle as the white hot waves continued to pummel over his head. He was in full panic, unfortunately. So, I began to wave and roar, “HE NEEDS HELP!”, pointing at Sir, to surfers on shore. They heard it immediately and several powerful-looking surfers came surging into the water…without their boards…I swam out to get in front of all of them so I could cheer them on as a sort of mascot. I especially encouraged Sir. The ocean was dragging them out, but the surfers could still stand and resist, barely. I noticed the ocean seemed to be winning the battle and all three surfers clutching a limp and white-faced Sir were being dragged out bit by bit. I bugled for a fourth surfer, who immediately responded, knifing into the water like an expert swimmer…without his board…I was just about to go and grab the fellow’s board, when suddenly, they were all quite literally spat out on the shore as if the ocean had suddenly just given up. Sir looked around like an infant viewing the world for the first time…not sure what on earth to think of it all…One surfer asked if he should ring the air force base ambulance so Sir could be treated on the base. Sir, who had been behaving like a dead fish, flobbed there, livened up instantly. “Oh NO I’m just fine. Thank you thank you!” He said he would never live it down at work…nearly drowned right in front of where he worked…Anyhow, Sir was not added to the statistic so all was well. As you can imagine, I don’t let Sir get into the water at all, unless the ocean is as still and flat as a salty lake, and there are plenty of sharks to swim with- to swim him to shore if needed. Did I tell you about the shark that jumped in Sir’s face? I probably have. That was another adventure I coaxed him into. No risk of drownings that time, though, much better. Cheers and hugs,



          1. Funny how whenever I settle in to create a post, all the stories evaporate from mind…However, as soon as I set foot in your comment box, a whole deluge of them come swimming back to me. Astounding really. Har har haw 😉


          2. I should give you access to my comment box, so you can see them all in a nice neat pile. Maybe I will compile them for you when I get time. I just need to cut, paste, and publish and voila a book! 🙂


  4. Will be here … when every you return. I’m sure you had a great adventure. Reading from your comments … it was exciting and interesting too and with Sid by your side. My weekend I spent with friends .. a relaxing weekend with out any MUST!!! Some card playing and plenty of good food.


      1. I play anything – we play something I don’t even know the name of – but it keeps us busy for hours and I’m getting pretty good at it too – such a bad loser. *smile
        What do you play … ????


        1. My favorite is pinochle. I have played bridge when my mother was alive, but that was her game. Most other games seem simple enough that you can pick them up. My husband is big on poker, so I’ve played that occasionally. 🙂


          1. I know that your husband is a good poker player – I love poker, but can keep the face. Bridge I have never played, far too much thinking involved. *smile
            Pinochle, never heard of … maybe it’s called something else in Swedish – have to ask Google for help.


          2. Pinochle is less difficult than bridge, but it involves bidding, melding and then playing the cards. You only play with the face cards and 10. Some use the 9 as well. You don’t have to keep a poker face to play it because everyone already knows some of the cards you have in your hand when you meld them. 🙂


    1. I don’t think you have ever taken a break, have you? You are amazing. I just this second finished proofing my book for the third time. So now I am ready to send it to a real editor to catch the things I don’t know about. 🙂


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