Recognize and Hang Up on Hacked Accounts

On a scale of one to five, five being the most gullible, I’m probably a 4.8.  Using the same scale for greediness, I almost graduated magna cum laude.  Thank goodness Vince stopped me.   Last night I almost won fell for the idea of winning $100,000.

First I received a friend request from someone I have trusted for years.  I thought we were already friends, but I had my mind on other things and I accepted his request.  Then I got a text from him saying that he had won $100,000 from Facebook, as did several of his friends.  He told me my name was on the list of winners, too, and asked if had I heard anything yet.  He gave me a link to follow to someone else’s website, and asked me to email him.  I was greedy naive, and did both.  Then I told Vince.


Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m not good at reading newspapers.  Did I just say that?  I know, I’m a history-social studies person, and I should be the most knowledgeable in the state, but I figure if it’s newsy enough someone will tell me about it.  That method has worked pretty well until now.  I just figured that Bill, my trusted friend and mentor for many years, knew something I didn’t.  Instead, Brilliant Bill had been hacked.  Vince helped me get back on the right track by taking the following steps.


  1. DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION.  That was what alerted me, and when I told Vince.  I ALMOST fell for this because the friend was someone I trusted implicitly.
  2. Phone the friend.  That put an immediate end to the process, because he told me he wasn’t chatting with me. If you don’t phone, ask personal questions of the hacked friend.  I hadn’t done that.  I checked the FB account, but that wasn’t enough.  It looked authentic at first glance.
  3. Unfriend the hacker, and report the abuse.
  4. Change your passwords.

So far I haven’t had any adverse affects, but if you get a Facebook message from me telling you that you won money, don’t believe it.  🙂



Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

38 thoughts on “Recognize and Hang Up on Hacked Accounts”

  1. I’ve had a tiny bit of experience with this but my question/concern is, how did the hacker get your cell number to text you as if he/she were your trusted friend?


    1. It’s on my email signature because I use it for work. I thought about removing it, but I still like having it there for my regular email account. I can erase him/her when he texts. As long as he can’t get into my phone or accounts I’m ok, but he got into my trusted friend’s account.


      1. My experience with this stuff is if your friend accepted a cookie/app into his account is the gateway hackers use. FB uses apps from other programs to allow those other programs access to your account, Twitter does the same thing. Good luck with this problem.


          1. Oh I subscribe to your blog and visit often I just never comment. I have found with my mindset when I leave comments on other bloggers post, I get in trouble. I am a wild uncontrollable Militant. 😉


          2. Interesting, yet here we are blogger friends. How is that possible? I am glad we are friends. I tend to be light and airy most of the time, because that is who I am, and have the privilege of being. I have a deep underneath, which I display from time to time.

            One of the things I loved about working where I used to work is that it exposed me to other world views. It is very hard for one to accept that other people think entirely different than he or she does and they are ok. They might even have some better answers.

            We all go through life truly alone, but always trying to connect with like-minded people to ward off the loneliness that I think everyone feels to some extent. It is the brilliant ones, like Lincoln (in my opinion) who can gather from divergent thinkers, and bring them together to accomplish something great.

            Thank you for being my friend even though I am not a wild uncontrollable Militant. 🙂


          3. Friendship, true friendship, tends to cross racial, economic and gender lines. We all are molded/shaped into who we are by our very different life experiences. I am glad & proud to have met you….and consider you a blogger friend as well.


    1. Good point, Ralph. I got caught up because I’m just so wonderful, and figured FB would pick me out the gazillions of people that use FB to award $100,000. I can’t believe I was taken in for even a second, but I respect the person who sent the email. 🙂 Thanks for the link share, MFR. xox


    1. Vince was the smart one. I didn’t argue with him, though. 🙂 I finished your book this morning. Great ending. I loved how fast it moved. You really know how to pace the book so that people get enough details, but it doesn’t get long and drawn out. A fun read, Maddie! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


      1. Thank you for letting me know you liked the book. I’m delighted and trying not to squee in all caps. I was worried about how the new characters would be received, but I’ve had a few people tell me they like the book, so I’m breathing easier. I appreciate so much that you took the time to read it, Marsha. Thank you!


    1. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was skeptical, but I figured if Bill won, it must be ok. The man is well respected, has been a mentor and friend for over 10 years. How could he be wrong? Wrong! 🙂


  2. I have won a trip from a promotion before. This was back before I had internet…a home computer – before the easy modern technologies of communications & scams. It came via certified letter & it had a copy of what I had filled out – from the legit business.

    I’ve had scammers try to get me though.
    Through phone calls they try asking for my cc or confirm my info. Hmmm…If I won – why would they need my cc & why don’t they know all my info already. I mean – they have my name & number – right?
    I tell them – to send me whatever I won & call it a day. I get a bogus spiel & hang up. Yeah right!

    So messed up how there are people out their that use their brains for bad than for good. They must be missing their hearts. Poor souls.


    1. Good point. Who know what all they are missing. In this case they were missing an identity, and had to borrow someone else’s. I won the amount of money from an avocado tree at an Ag in the Classroom Conference once. It was amazing. It amounted to $106. Since I won it on school time, I used it for History Day. Very cool to win. 🙂


  3. Thank God for Vince, or you may have been HACKED. My wife and I had a similar circumstance – Got an email from our God daughter saying that she was in Hong Kong and her purse was stolen and she need some money to get home. Wow did our hearts race. We kept asking each other what should we do. Finally we decided to call her mom in Woodlake, CA. Her mom said no she is not in Hong Kong she is here at home. Wow we were ready to send her money. That may be the only time we really put our heads together and came up with a good choice. I’m sure there were many other good choices. Being a history teacher you many think of things in the past, not thinking a good friend would do this to you. But he was hacked.


  4. Yeeee poor lassie! So glad V knew precisely what to do. Seasoned pro he is 😉

    P.S. I can NEVER get enough of that laughter photo of you!!!!! TOOOO cute!!! Always evokes myriad grins, just have to laugh with you.

    Another p.s. So glad you have not suffered any adverse effects, that you have noticed. I have had a lot of trouble with one of my e-mails. It is my “ol’ junker” email account that I give out to anything that requires an email that I’m not too wild about divulging it for. I frequently change the password on that account. It was hacked once, not too grand! If hackers figure out my very obscure and lengthy passwords for it, I shall be impressed.

    It really is just staggering how much cyber crime is occurring out there now, and how easy it is to stumble into a snare…Good you and Vince are a team to combat it. So happy you were able to sidestep this. Hugs,



    1. So far it has been. We keep close tabs on our accounts. I put lots of information about us out there in cyberspace, but I can’t imagine how people would use it. It’s mostly silly, but NOW hackers know how gullible I am! It’s sad when you have to be wary of things from wonderful people that you trust.


  5. I got an email on Facebook last week telling me that my distant relative from another country with the same surname had died and left gazillions and I was the only inheritor! Hah! if only. Thank goodness you realised in time.


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