How to Do a Short, Quick Post

Readers like short posts.  I’m going to time myself.  It usually takes 2 hours at a minimum to do a post.  It’s 10:07.


  1. Bulk process pictures as you take them.  I label them SFW to distinguish them from others.  They are saved at #3 Quality in Photoshop so they don’t take long to load.
  2. Don’t use too many pictures, or use captions and put them in a gallery.  I like the slide show the best.  The pictures are a nice size.
  3. Write about the picture.  PG like to help cook.  Sometimes I drop things on the floor.
  4. Don’t over think it.  (Good advice, Marsha, now just take it!)
  5. Add tags and categories
  6. Add a poll to see if your readers like your post.  Most of them will write comments instead, but at least you are offering an easy way for people to interact.
  7. Tell your readers they are important.  They are!  I adore my readers, so many have become really good friends.  Those close friends who read my blog at home make me feel even closer to them.

It’s 10:20, and I’m going to press publish.  If it doesn’t like my grammar, it will take me a little longer, but this is a record fast post for me.  How do you think I did?


Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant. Read more about me here.

48 thoughts on “How to Do a Short, Quick Post”

  1. I like this post! It was short, to the point, told a story without a lot of background or fluff! When bloggers follow a lot of other people, it makes it so much easier to read when the posts are concise.


  2. I do like shorter posts and pictures. For me also it depends what I post, some go quicker some take days. Also it depends how much time I have at the end of the day really.


  3. I’m always interested to know how others write their posts.
    Mine are usually quick from my mind to the page. If I get hung up, it will just linger eternally in the drafts folder.


  4. Very good tips, Marsha. It doesn’t usually take too long for me to write the post; it’s the fiddling around trying to find just the right images to add. Many times I make my own, so that takes time, too. Once I have everything, it usually takes half an hour to get it looking the way I want – and hopefully have the spelling/grammar errors to a minimum.

    Were we supposed to count the amount of time the dog, husband, son distracts us while we’re trying to get a post ready? 😉


  5. I prefer short posts. They fit my schedule & life style better. Maybe after I retire – If I live to see the day – I’ll find time to read longer posts between my travels & adventures. 😉


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  7. I do my photos on Picmonkey and I usually do them first and write the piece to suit them. I often prepare a post over a couple of days, but sometimes they just take shape very quickly. I find that often a post I think is great gets very little response and one that I just put together quickly is very popular. Go figure…


  8. It depends on what I’m writing about. Some come quickly, others take much longer. I like to intersperse photos to break up my long posts. I know people like to read short posts, but sometimes I need to put what I want on the page. If someone doesn’t want to read the whole thing, they don’t have to. It’s easy to skim between the photos.


  9. Hi MVBF Marsha. I never force a post, I just wait until I get a germ of an idea that hits me and think about it while washing up etc.
    I do like slideshows as well. Most of the work on the photos are done on my laptop in an old Photo Studio 5.5 which I’ve used for years. I reduce the size from 2500px to say 550px and save as a jpeg which reduces a 2Mb photo to 50kb for uploading to WP media. I caption in the slideshow build. It takes a lot of time working on 20+ photos in one hit. As most of the work is done outside WP the post construction itself doesn’t take long.
    I like to keep my posts reasonably short as I haven’t the time to read posts that go on for ever and I am sure that others feel the same way. I never reblog or publish a one photo or one hiaku post. It wastes my time to read these type of blogs.
    I love your Manny posts my friend. Ralph xox 😀


    1. Wow, what a nice instructional comment, MFR. This is the side that most people don’t get to see. You are a multi-faceted man, MFR. You have helped me with my blogging skills so much! 🙂 Thanks for your elaborative comment. Manny says thanks, too. He misses you. 🙂 He misses Ute, too. And Carol….. He’s sulking right now because I told him he can’t go to Spain for Valentine’s Day. 🙂


      1. I just found Manny’s blog on your sidebar, so I’ll visit that now.
        Oh. Poor Manny !!! Maybe he can come again after other bloggers have had him to stay with them. 😀 xox


        1. He’s been home too long. He is complaining daily. And he blasts his complaints all over the internet. Ouch! I may need a session with Dr. Ralph before he leaves for another trip. M 🙂 xox


  10. It depends. Picture of the Moment takes about 15 minutes, mainly because I have to photoshop the picture to make it look its best. My history posts can take several days, depending on how much research is involved, meaning “What do I know? Do I know that I don’t know? How helpful is Google in finding information for me?”


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