The Adventures of Manny

Hi Mom,

I’ve had a great time with Ute and Ralph.  This is where we are staying.

Map of SpainIt is hot here, and we lay out on the patio every day.

13b Ralph's Apartment

Today I got kind of mad at Ralph because he made us pose with our blankets.  Mom, it was HOT!  I felt like I was sick or something.  All those pillows.  Danny is really nice, and he wanted to kick the blanket out the window.   I threw a pillow on the floor.

1a Fanny, Manny, Danny and new baby bear with Marsha's quilts

Fanny liked it because she had a new baby bear, I call him Lanny.  Lanny liked cuddling under the blanket.  Fanny kept KISSING him on the ears.  Blaaaah

Ute, Ralph & Bears

Ute is cute.  I still love Ute best.  I think Danny should stay with Ralph, and I’ll go home with Ute.  See how nice she holds me so I won’t fall.  I LOVE Ute, Mom.  She was tickling me under the chin.  I didn’t even kick her.

Bye, Mom.  I love you.


Dear Manny,

You haven’t told me anything about the trips you are taking.  That is a lovely picture of you and Danny with Ute and Ralph.  But, where were you?  It is so beautiful!

Manny Goes To Spain

Remember when you were making those blankets?  You were so sleepy you could hardly sew the line straight.

Manny Goes to Spain031

You stayed up almost all night.  Mama is glad that Ralph took a picture of you three with your blankets.  I hope you picked up the pillow.  Those are Ralph’s new pillows.

Have you been to Ronda?  Everyone talks about how beautiful and historic it is.  You know how much Mom loves history.


Kalev misses you and wishes she had come along with you.  Chloe says hi, too.

Write soon,  Love Mom

Dear Mom and Dad,

OK I’m going to send you some pictures, and you have to guess where they are.

Manny & Danny  traveling

I was a little scared here because it was a long way down to the bottom of this wall, and Danny sometimes likes to wrestle and pulls me backwards.  We were both on our good behavior.

Manny & Danny traveling 2

We wanted our picture taken with this arch.  It’s really old.  Like maybe Roman times!  I bet Roman soldiers built it!  Do you think they did, Mom?  Ralph let us sit on the table so we could look at it better.

8 Ralph in BP

Ralph had to wear sunglasses here because the buildings are so sparkly.  Do you love them, Mom?  Did you guess yet?  Go ask Dad.  He doesn’t get lost like you do.

I gotta go.  We’re busy, Mom.  Sorry!

Love, Manny

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, a retired educator and wife of a retired realtor. My all-consuming hobby is blogging and it has changed my life. My friends live all over the world. In November 2020, we sold everything and retired to the mile-high desert of Prescott, AZ. We live less than five miles from the Granite Dells, four lakes, and hundreds of trails with our dog, Kalev, and two cats, Moji and Nutter Butter. Vince's sister came with us and lives close by. Every day is a new adventure.

48 thoughts on “The Adventures of Manny”

  1. I think Manny should start a travelling blog … great photos and very good author too, Marsha. Costa del Sol, very posh place … to be .. so no wonder he are enjoying himself and his company seems to be great too. Have a nice weekend .. and thanks for the report, Manny.


    1. Yes, about time! He’s a bad boy about writing. I’m lucky that Ralph writes a little bit to let me know what’s going on. Manny left with Ute, now, and is in the UK. I still have lots more pictures to post of Spain while I wait for Manny to write! 🙂


  2. Hi MVBFM. Thank you so much for the lovely quilt blanket for Fanny and Stanley. Three arrived with Manny and Ute took two back to London with all of Manny’s bits and pieces. His passport is stamped for Spain and the page of his visit filled in. I am looking forward to seeing what Manny gets up to in the future in your posts. Fanny misses him as she has no one to tell off now as Stanley (from Germany) is such a sweet innocent bear. Ralph xox 😀


    1. Manny seemed a little put out with her affection for Stanley. Maybe that’s why he called him Lanny, just to irritate her. You know how kids are – the least little thing they can do to if they find out it annoys someone, they love to do it more! 🙂 That would be Manny. How can I train him. I’m hoping that the time with you and Ute may have helped! 🙂 He sure got to see some beautiful places. Viveka even knew where one of the pictures was taken. Now you’re going to have to write in and tell the folks more about those wonderful places! 🙂


      1. The first picture of those two gangsters are on my front balcony. All the other pictures except the last were taken at Ronda and the last one of me at Benalmadena Puerto.

        Manny is eating pizzas and doughnuts at Ute’s …… he’s wrapping her around his little finger 😀


        1. Perfect. Well, almost perfect. What are we looking at in Ronda? The buildings and the wall look pretty historic. Any good words for us Ralph? The last one is stunning. Again, what are we seeing there in the background? Pardon my curiosity, but I wasn’t there!

          Manny is wrapping UTE around HIS little finger? hmmm He doesn’t have any fingers! 🙂 hahaha 🙂


          1. Didn’t you see his email to me at the end? Now he’s thinking that Ute might be harder on him indeed, and she’s not spoiling him like you did! She probably makes him get up and go to school even though he played all night with all the teddies and other Stuffeds in heaven! Who knows? I just know it’s going to take a big bribe to get him to come back home! 🙂


          1. Just be prepared when he does return. He’ll want to play poker, drink the local moonshine, chase California Girls and give his mum a big hug. Oh. That’s me I’m talking about if I do visit 😉 xox


          2. Manny is having so many wonderful experiences, I’m afraid I won’t be able to shut him up day or night telling us about them! Unfortunately, he won’t find any moonshine, but there are some cute girls in our neighborhood, and a few babies, too. So he will have his hands full. The bad thing is that he’s not a famous teddy bear here. Well…. take that back. One of my friends at our meeting yesterday was talking about Manny. I may have to bring him to my next CCSS meeting! He’ll be a professional bear hugger. 🙂 Thanks for your wonderful hospitality! BTW, what do you mean, “If?”


        1. hmmmm a party post! That sounds fun! Just don’t post your traveling schedule to the world, Ralph. Not after posting what a beautiful place you have, and exactly where it is, and how many beautiful ladies grace its doors! 🙂 Parties sound fun! Can I bring my teddy bear? (When he gets home?)


    1. I think so, Alastair! You’ve met Ute, too, and it seemed like you guys had a great time, too! 🙂 You just didn’t have Manny traveling with you. He’s in England with Ute, now, so I hope you get to meet him and have your picture taken with him to go on my blog! 🙂


  3. Lovely pictures Manny, where have you been? I know silly question ,I was with you and it seems now like a dream, already gone too quick. Yes Manny we had fun, and I love you too. I am glad you still love me even though I am a bit stricter than your mum. Well you have found a soul mate in my son, both of you loving pizza, doughnuts and teddies. I think that is a great start for a friendship!
    Marsha I had such a great time and looking after the bears was fun. Spain is more wonderful than I ever imagined. I am so lucky that I was invited by Ralph, otherwise I would have never seen it.
    Have a great week…. and manny send his love, he misses you lot…. just a little bit 🙂


    1. Who said you were stricter than I am? Don’t let this smiling face fool you. You are stricter than RALPH! I am so glad that you had such a great time. I know Manny is and has been having a great time. Who wouldn’t be getting to live on donuts and pizza every day? Trust me, we just feed him bear food out of the bag. 🙂 Tell Manny to keep those emails and pictures coming. They will show up on the internet, though it may take a while to work through all of them! 🙂 Take care traveling lady, and have fun at home with Manny and the rest of the bears at your house. 🙂 Lots of love xoxox M


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