Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

The morning golden hours are the hours I’d rather still be in bed.  My husband sometimes gets up and snaps a picture or two.  Some of my favorite pictures were of fog one morning when I was on my way to work.  I had to pull over and snap the pictures using my cell phone, it was so beautiful.

fog1a Foggy January

I love evenings as well.  I took these pictures when I took my camera with me on a walk in the country.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour”

      1. Yeah, it does that. I thought Akismet had fixed it. Unfortunately, they have for a lot of people, but seem to think that I still talk trash lol. I did send you a tweet about it, but I guess you don’t use twitter so much 🙂


        1. I don’t use it as much as I do WP, email, Linked In and FB. I check it about every 2-3 days, I think. 🙂 You are much better on Twitter than I am. I don’t know how you keep up with everything! 🙂


          1. That’s what makes you so well loved in the blogging world, A!!!! If you have the time, and you enjoy it, why not. You help hold the network of us together. 😊


  1. That hour before and the hour after can be very magical and you can get some colours that you wouldn’t normally get.
    I love your images, you can really tell when they were taken.


      1. Oh that IS devastating! Sir absolutely hates the song. I used to play it in the car on a tape, with myriads of other miscellaneous odd-ball songs I’d accumulated just for Sir’s torture, I mean, absolute delight.

        They are wonderful photos!! I wish I could see it in person. I am looking to possibly WWOOF out there sometime in the fall if I can manage it. A lot of organic farms loitering about there I’ve noticed. Then I could gawp at some of that beauty, when I really should be hoeing or weeding or harvesting or whatnot, instead of just reveling all over the place with huge bulbous toady eyes glinting in the gauzy light of dawn.

        Excuse this effusive animation. I don’t know what it is…well, I do have an idea…er…lime water? I was just with some limes today, by the way. Sir and I are a part of a photography club, (not comprised of limes, though, but people that snap photos, possibly of limes) WHOA this is terrible rambling. Either way, lime-plants were present, amongst a sea of other Florida natives. We met one bloke named Steve who taught English in Poland, on the topic of anthropology. You can imagine what he was like fascinating har har har. We gassed on and on about how we both are sooooo interested in polaroid black and white photography. Right, ENOUGH off to the watering-pools, Cheereo luv,

        Autumn Jade


        1. Steve from Poland… hmmm Sounds like a wonderful lecturer. And Sir didn’t fall asleep? That would have been too funny! A little nodding off, a little falling off the chair, a little polaroid picture in black and white posted on the internet! hmmmm 🙂


          1. And Sir just said something “important” to me, and hearing my hyena-being-strangled imitation, which erupted just after he uttered the unheard words as I was reading your comment, he said in a droning, and slightly peeved voice, “Oh that’s funny, huh??”


  2. Lovely compilation! First time visiting your blog – and I really enjoyed it!
    (Yes I am kind of new to the WordPress community)
    I’ll try to keep up with you now! 🙂


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