Sordid Friday – Tales of Clementina Rind

I meant to publish an article about Clementina Rind yesterday for July 4th, but got carried away by the new dictates of my self-imposed schedule – and FORGOT!

Marsha stands in front of Clementina Rind's house in Colonial Williamsburg.
Marsha stands in front of Clementina Rind’s house in Colonial Williamsburg.

Maybe you don’t think of Clementina as being particularly sordid – certainly not in the ways that Catherine the Great portrayed sordidity!  But in her own way, publicist, Clementina Rind, was the only woman in a man’s world, in a time when women had NO say – politically.  A widow of a newspaper publisher, she was the ONLY Virginia woman to print a newspaper and hold the position of public printer during the Colonial period.

Being now unhappily forced to enter upon Business on my own Account I flatter myself those Gentlemen who shall continue to oblige me with their Custom and will not be offended at my requesting them in the future to be punctual in sending cash with Advertisements. …  May that All Ruling Power, whose chastening Hand has snatched from my dear Infants and myself make me equal to the Task! … to bestow Happiness and Plenty on my orphan Family, if they find me capable of being their Servant…”

-Virginia Gazette September 2, 1773

Clementina watched as the revolution became what she described as “inevitable.”  She published Thomas Jefferson’s First Declaration, and sent his document all over the colonies and Europe.  That document became the gateway to Jefferson’s writing fame.

Colonial Williamsburg

Clementina did not have long to blaze the trail.  She did not live to see the Revolution fought, and the freedom she longed for, won.  She died about a year after her husband, leaving her children to the care of Free Masons.

Author: Marsha

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27 thoughts on “Sordid Friday – Tales of Clementina Rind”

    1. You are right. I’m sure she probably wouldn’t appreciate sordid tales being told of her. She is one of my favorite people, and … well, I couldn’t think of anyone right off the top of my head. My bad! 🙂


    1. Yes! I’m not so sure about strong. She died only a year after her husband of probably a lung issue – caught a cold or something. Very sad! The saddest thing about her husband dying I haven’t told you all yet!


        1. I guess I’d better get writing. 🙂 I’m going to send you a link. See if you like it for a guest blog from around here.

 and are two possibilities. What do you think? I’m not so crazy about the layout in Blogger, but they could be modified in WP. I have similar ones in WP, but I did a little more research before I reposted them.


          1. Yikes. I can’t figure out why. I’ll send you the whole link. Here is the link to the blog. I know what I did. I sent you the administrative edit link. There are only about 15 or so posts. You can see if any of them might work. Blogger is much harder for me to work with than WP, so layout might not be so great, but you can lay it out the way you like on your site if you like the material. I’ve been working on some pictures all afternoon.


          2. Yeah! I love that one, too, and it was such an interesting place. You have access to my private account, so I’ll put every thing in there including some more pictures, and then you can take it from there. How does that sound?


          3. OK! It’s in there. I rewrote it a bit more, and added a few more pictures in the form of galleries. The galleries don’t switch between Blogger and WP, so I had to redo them again! So I’m happier with it until the next time. I haven’t run it through the publish phase to catch further edits. 🙂 Thanks. I’m really excited to be YOUR guest blogger! 🙂


          4. Great! I’m so excited. I had so many pictures, and I’ve learned so much about Photoshop since then, that I’ve made some alterations. Some are resized, some are still big. (Depending on when I processed them. I hope you like it! 🙂


    1. There you go! I saw Mr. Parks again today. He still loves me. I had a major scare at the end of the street with Kalev. The new puppy chased her, got caught in her leash line which threw her into the dirt and weeds and she skidded for about 3 feet on her side in the stickers. Poor baby. He was just playing, and it scared him too, but Kalev didn’t mind that I carried her home and gave her a bath. SERIOUSLY! She didn’t mind her bath! hahaha weird! 🙂


  1. Clementina Rind, I have never heard about before … not anything I learned in school from the US history – very interesting … we learn something new every day.


    1. She wasn’t well publicized, and she didn’t live very long. I think she was in her 30s when she died. Maybe early 40s. I forget. So with all the folks to study, she didn’t make the cut in the normal textbooks! 🙂 But in my textbook, she’s tops! 🙂


        1. Yes, the US we all have today, where women have a place in almost any field they chose. There isn’t much that a woman can’t do now – if she wants to do it. 🙂


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