Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Sara Rosso has invited us to write and photograph signs in this Weekly Photo Challenge.  While we were in Kauai, Hi, we noticed, not signs, but a dearth of signs.  We got into to Lihue, Kauai, HI at about 8:00 p.m, and had to drive to our hotel after dark.  Signs were all gobbled up in the dark.  We had three maps, including my iPhone, and two sets of written directions.  We still missed our street, Pe’e.  Yes, you read right, Pe’e Street. We never did find it on our own with the help of our 5 maps.  I called the resort, and they talked us in.  In the daylight is was easy to find.

What's going on here?  Where are we?  Can you see a sign?
What’s going on here? Where are we? Can you see a sign?

The next time we ventured out, we ran out of road.  We saw the construction cones, and we saw the huge semi coming up on our right at a very high-speed. We saw the cement dividers, but we didn’t see any signs.  Sooner than later, the cones merged the lanes, and we narrowly escaped being creamed by the semi.

Traffic lane
Traffic lane

During rush hour the Kauaian people do much like the residents of other big cities like Seattle, and switch the directions of the lanes.  They just don’t do signage.  You see all sorts of orange-red cones, and cars on the wrong side of the yellow line.  You learn quickly not to go in that lane, even though the traffic in your lane seems just as busy as the traffic in their lane.

I think cindy and Vince are missing this sign!  :)
I think Cindy and Vince are missing this sign! 🙂  “For your safety check with lifeguards before entering the water.”  Do you see the life guard station?

I looked for funny signs while we were there.  I really did.  The best I could do was this beware sign that was conspicuously placed on the ground almost under a bush, warning us not to go in the water unless we consult the life guards.  We couldn’t even see a life guard station at first.

I don't know how good you are at climbing poles, but I'm not that great!
I don’t know how good you are at climbing poles, but I’m not that great!

For more stories on signs click here.

In spite of the lack of signs Kauai was a great place to visit.  It was beautiful and had many things to do.

We are renting out up to two weeks of our Hawaii time share, and have access to Maui or Kauai. The one in Kauai is 2 bedroom with a full kitchen, and the pool side is featured in the picture below.  The one is Maui is only a partial kitchen.  We can get two bedrooms, but they are more expensive and take longer to reserve.  Click logo to see a picture of the hotel.

Speaking of signs.  Designed by Paula Terrill 




Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says”

  1. This post was too funny, Marsha! Loved the lack of signs where they would have been helpful. 🙂 Great job on the challenge. 😉
    Just got back from my trip to Singapore for the #2013AFCC/SCBWI conference…WOW…it was my first international trip ever and I LOVED it…can’t wait to go somewhere else. 🙂


    1. Now I have to check out and see what the #2013AFCC/SCBWI conference is. My curiosity is aroused! Glad you had such a great time! I’ll look forward t oreading about it! 🙂


      1. Marsha…it was amazing. A true SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) conference (they hold they all over the world..two of the biggest are in NYC and LA)…but it was combined with gala events, dinners and book launches to celebrate the best in Asian children’s books, writers and illustrators. If you are on Facebook, you can check out my facebook page where I’ve shared many photo albums from some of the attendees.


    1. It’s good!! You mean, that is one place you HAVEN’T BEEN!! Cindy, Vince’s sister, when we first got there, and asked her how she was enjoying it commented, “Well I’ve seen beaches before.”

      LOL! You, my dear friend, have seen beaches, too, but knowing you, you would LOVE it! 🙂


    1. We have enjoyed it for several years. You have to buy someplace that you really enjoy going. To buy somewhere else, and think you are going to travel around might not happen. Even so , my next big trip is going to be to take my brother to Indiana where we grew up. We are going to travel by train, so that will be really different for me. 🙂


  2. I do love signs. We’re the folks who are actually standing there reading the entire sign while everyone else simply passes by us! ~Glad you’re safe, by the way! 🙂


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