Chocolate Lovers Rejoice

Here is a nice reflection on the sweetness of life.  Mary and I had to make difficult choices at Reimer’s Candy Shop in Three Rivers, CA.  This is a favorite stop on the way both to and from the Sequoia National Park to see the big trees.


Both my husband and I compete to see who can lose the most weight while eating the most chocolate.  Right now he is winning.  OK he always wins.  Here is his advice!


What do you think?  🙂


Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

55 thoughts on “Chocolate Lovers Rejoice”

    1. YOU GUESS?!!!! It got really yummy chocolates, which you will find out when we go there! Il going to Ontario soon, and there is supposed to be a great place there !


          1. Oh, yes, Ute! Our current CCSS president’s wife is a dance instructress. They charge over $150 an HOUR here in LA. I think it’s only about $15 an hour in Visalia. We can take a lesson, then go to the dance afterwards. Then there are other dances as well. The men would love a “Dancing with the Stars” trained dancer to prance around the floor! 🙂


    2. Ute, see that reflection in the glass. Not pictured in that nasty reflection is that chocolate-filled pouchy stomach of mine on display. I still bought some mofe! What’s up with that? It was heavenly. The best chocolate peanut butter cups in the world. It was like eating peanut velvet covered with silky chocolate. mmmmmm I have to say that I ate so much I got sick. 😦


      1. Very naughty Marsha, ( I hope you learnt) I do love chocolate but I have enough willpower to say no sometimes. I have to admit I do not like anything with peanuts, I was once so sick after a peanut dish and that was it. SO any other choclate is welcome! 🙂


        1. Chocolate is a big weakness! I can’t really admit to learning any lessons other than experimenting with new chocolate dishes! If you want me to avoid chocolate, try combining it with mushrooms! That would do it! Have a great day, Ute. You must be getting ready for work. It’s 1:20 here. Time to go back to sleep. 🙂


          1. A day off today…hurray! Mayday, will go to the gym in 30 minutes…. I have an idea. Chocolate mushrooms 🙂 Wishing you a good night Marsha!


  1. I think the best diet I heard of was the one where you eat as much as you like. You just don’t swallow. I love chocolate but as I get older I find it can bring on headaches so I tend to eat better quality (= more expensive) chocolate but in smaller quantities. I do like the balanced diet idea and for me, white chocolate is a real treat.


    1. Andrew, I don’t like the idea of not swallowing! I have taste buds all the way down! Then when the candy is sitting in my tummy, I pat my tummy and talk to it saying, “Mmmmmm, chocolate. Wasn’t that good, Tum Tum? Did you like that? Want some more? Soft fluffy little tummy.” And my tummy gurgles and giggles and laughs a satisfied little giggle, as I plop in another piece. 🙂


  2. Dark chocolate is my downfall. Trader Joes has dark chocolate covered cherries that are amazing. Another store has dark chocolate with a bit of coconut inside. Can’t resist either!


    1. Fist pump, Cathy! I have some dark chocolate M & Ms left from my meeting. Want one? 🙂 Nobody even opened the veggie sticks! hahaha. The peanuts were nearly untouched. Grapes, cheese, forget it. I think I have two M & Ms left, and a few cookies. hahaha


  3. Lovely post …. Lovely diet. Good luck with the diet. Please, keep us posted with the progress.
    Somebody has said; if there is no chocolate in heaven … aren’t I going there.


          1. I would love too *smile … I have said if I win that big lottery – I will travel around the world and meet up with my blogging friends. Nothing large enough yet. *smile


  4. If all goes well and we get this place up to what we want, we may start traveling again. Talking about Hershey factory. That will be fun
    When we were in Fresno we tried the grape diet, we ate as much as we picked


      1. Not many. There was a vineyard off of clovis ave just passed ( under the 99 ) that had all you could pick for $0.25 per pound. between middle of August and Labor Day. I like them when they were cold.


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