See the Very First Website i.e. the Entire Internet, as it was in 1992

For you history buffs, this is one of the most interesting primary sources I’ve seen a long time. The very first website. WOW! History Day 2014 project!!!!!!


It seems this is a week for anniversaries!

A few days ago it was the 10th anniversary of iTunes, and today, April 30, is the grand-daddy web-anniversary of them all. This was the day, in 1993, that the very first website went public (royalty free) (although the website had actually existed since 1991 as a work-in-progress).

CERN (the organization that is responsible for creating web standards) has chosen to celebrate the WWW anniversary by returning the original website back to itโ€™s original web address.

According to the Washington Post, interest in this first website has been so high that CERN had to take it down after a brief period because it was getting so much web traffic. Interest brought the website โ€œto its knees.โ€

And so โ€ฆ here you go. This is like jumping in a time machine!

By clicking on the link below, you will see the

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Author: Marsha

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8 thoughts on “See the Very First Website i.e. the Entire Internet, as it was in 1992”

  1. I joined the Internet in summer of 1995 when AOL was king. I had 33 offices throughout the United States and our phone bill was a million dollars a month. I discovered AOL and their instant chat. For just $9.95 per month per office, I could have my consultants “talking” to each other and then printing a copy of the chat, thereby having an important printed record of a conversation. Saved about $33 million in annual telephone costs. I’m still with AOL simply out of loyalty for a tactic that they invented and which waved me a few hundred million dollars during the years I had that company.


    1. WOW A million dollar phone bill a month! What were you selling, DRUGS? Good gravy! No wonder you retired at age 22 – or whatever! I would stick with AOL, too! I don’t have that kind of loyalty to AOL but I came into the internet the year before. My husband wanted to surf the internet before he died, so we bought a computer that would do that. Mark died Nov. 6, 1994, having surfed the internet for 5 months. ๐Ÿ™‚


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