What Are You Reading?

“What did you read today?” asks my book-reviewing blogging friend, Marcia.  That question made me examine my reading habits.

What I really love is drivel. Shock!  I thought I was an intellectual!  Drivel is different from trivia, the plural of trivium.  Drivel is “silly nonsense”, while trivia (pl) are a step above that, “inconsequential or insignificant matters.”  Actually I love both.  And I can spend enormous amounts of time organizing myself so that I can enjoy my drivel to the fullest extent.  Talk about a trivial pursuit!  When I start some organizing project, it quickly morphs into something draconian, and I have created a dracon, just to get my trivia faster.

My favorite place to find the trivia and drivel I adore is in the genre of blog.  To make my reading more efficient, and get in more trivia every day, I have tried to organize my blog reading since my comment chat with Russel Ray about how to follow 1,900 blogs and still have a life and a career.  I don’t want to just read Pando’s news about the latest economic crisis in Central California.  OK maybe I do.  No, really I don’t.  I prefer to read about the birds in San Diego, or how Ralph irons his pants in Spain, or how to properly use the words “try to” as opposed to “try and.”  You don’t get this kind of writing in the mainstream Reader because it’s clogged with stuff from Turkey and Central California.

Step one cut the list from the WP reader.
How to Organize Your Blogs  Step one cut the list from the WP reader.


So I have done what any docile, well-educated student does – listened to a pro, and copied.  I cut and pasted my blogger friends from Reader into a spreadsheet.  Please don’t be insulted – you’re more than a number to me.  However, I am finding this to be quite a frivolous worthwhile simple process.  I thought I would be so smart and go to my reader and copy all the blogs I follow and past them in a spreadsheet and bingo, I could just click and follow.  WRONG.  Click, and go to reader, then click again and go to the website, the don’t forget to copy the url and paste it back into the spreadsheet where that cheater Reader connection url was embedded deceptively into the name of the blog.

Determined to make this work so I could get in more trivia every day and save time doing I took this project to the next step.  Russel Ray paid me a high compliment when he wrote that he colored my site green on his spreadsheet because I was more than just a blogger.  That made my day.  I colored my favorite people green, too.  I’m not going to tell you how long that took, or the process to do each one.  Suffice to say that I had too much time on my hands for a couple of days this week.

This whole organizing episode I’ve had reminds me of a story – BTW kuddos to me, I made it through the Bs on my alphabetical list.  I cheated a little bit, and went through the whole list and marked my very favorite blogs green before I went back to the top and started down the list.  As I was saying, this complicated process reminds me of a story about my grandma, that Mom and I laughed about for years.  Trust me, it fits here.

Grandma, age 55, wanted to go outside and work in the garden, but she couldn’t find anything to wear.  She had a closet so full of clothes that they spilled out of the bedroom.  She couldn’t shut any of her inside doors because they had clothes hanging from them.  In spite of her glut of surplus clothes, she couldn’t find a pair of shorts that suited the dirty gardening task.  So she went down into the basement where she had a chest of drawers with my mother’s high school clothes packed away for safe keeping.  Grandma went through the depression, and never threw away anything.  She found just the right shorts for the sweaty job, and took them upstairs to put them on.  The problem was that they were way too small.  So before she could go  outside to weed, she had to alter the shorts by adding a two-inch strip of fabric down the outside of each side seam of the shorts.  I’m sure that was attractive because you know that she didn’t have any fabric that matched the shorts.  Nevertheless, Grandma persisted until she finished her alteration, and then she was ready to go outside to weed, after a nice glass of iced tea.  You know what happened, don’t you?  She was much too tired from sewing for a couple of hours to go weed.

OM_, I’m not like that …  am I?  In spite of all this crazy organizing, I have visited more sites this week than in a long time.  I did read 20 blogs yesterday, and not superficially, Meme.   REALLY!  And, I’ve remade some new friends – ones that write mostly trivia humor, travel, food, and, did I say humor?  Well it seems like trivia at first, but deep down, there’s that spark of something real and thoughtful in the humor and nonsense that makes me want to connect with that person.

That’s what I’m reading, Marcia. Oh yeah, I did read your blog, and thoroughly enjoyed it!  No, I wouldn’t call it trivia, exactly.  A book review, yes.  No, no, of course not.  It’s, …yeah, that’s right, mine is pretty similar.  No, my pictures aren’t …  No, not at all.    Yeah, I do talk a lot about… Yeah, Yeah.  Uh huh.  hmmm.  Ok, well, yes, I’m going to.  Listen, Marcia, I’ve got to go.  I’m working on a very important …  Yeah, yeah, yea, I know, you’ve got to go, too.  So keep in touch, will you.  I really miss you when I don’t hear from you once in a while!   OK.  You, too.  Bye.

So what important stuff are you doing?  What are you reading???


Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

46 thoughts on “What Are You Reading?”

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I am also reading Last Seen In Massilia by Steven Saylor on my Kindle. And I’ve just been reading the instructions on Vistaprint for making my own business cards…very easy to follow – voila! 250 pretty business cards are on the way.


  2. Sometimes you need to switch off and that is what I did yesterday evening. I lit some candles, sat on the sofa, listened to music and knitted. It was so peaceful and relaxing, no computers, no TV just knitting and listening. On books I just bought “Who moved my cheese ” I need to re read that again, it is good! Also a Wayne Dyer book is on my list and many more, as I don’t seem to have much time when I am working. And that is all additional to blogs.


    1. Yes, I’m reading Getting Started with Twitter, and The Swift Seasons – about Woodlake 100 years ago, and many more of my to read list. I had to clean out my Kindle to be able to hold the new books. I have a couple on my cloud reader as well. 🙂 We bloggers read!


    1. Wow, that sounds interesting and researchy! I am reading several books as well., but not quickly! I have such exciting titles as Read This Before our Next Meeting, which I just finished. Getting Started with Twitter, and Let’s Get Digital I guess I really should have included those! Have a great weekend. Enjoy the reads! 🙂


          1. God no. Cap has to be put on tight. That and the mouthwash has to be done up tight. Luckily the kids have their own bathroom so so my toothpaste is mine alone. 🙂

            Glad I made your day. Makes me happy when I make people happy


  3. I definitely are fit the Grandma profile! Too many clothes – nothing to wear and a house full of stuff!!!! Help! But I don’t read anything but your blog!!!! Enjoy!


  4. oh dear, oh dear. truth to be told, right now I am really hard trying to wade i.e. read through pages of blogs and mail which causes me slight problem, after an hour I seem to fall asleep at the computer. Doctor assured me that’s normal and I assure it is not the contend of the blogs!


    1. hahahah.. zzzz ha..zzzzzzzzz glub, glub, drool. Uh, uh, Oh, I’m sorry, are you still here?? Thanks for stopping by, and leaving me a comment. You made my dazzzzzzzz. 🙂


      1. hehehe – guess what! I am actually wide awake right now – loved your response, nice humour. One of my ‘dreams’ was to be a famous (of course!) criminal lawyer, of course I did not get there but I make up in a certain way by reading those kind of books (if and whenever I find enough time). Carina


        1. Carina, I love them too, and I NEVER wanted to be a criminal lawyer. The closes I got to that was coordinating the Mock Trial program for our county office of education. That was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


          1. Are you feeling a little less chartreuse? xoxo Here’s a couple more in case that queasy, froggy feeling starts to come back! 🙂 Take a kiss with a hug once daily at bedtime to sleep like a baby! 🙂 Ribbit 🙂


  5. Important stuff … what is that ???? Haven’t done any important stuff since I stopped working 4 years ago. I’m reading posts .. like mad, because I’m so behind and I know I can’t catch up, but I will do so many as I can until my midnight arrive, in 2 hours. Been at for 2,5 hours already. Otherwise the only thing I read those days is my bank account once a month – and that is not a really a reading I find any joy in. Have a great weekend now.


  6. Oh my gosh, Marsha! I can’t believe how organized you are. I love your grandmother’s shorts story, and I’m so impressed with your spreadsheet idea (but I’m not going to do it ;-)). I only follow 177 blogs now, and I feel so guilty when I can’t get around to read all of them! I’ve been reading blogs all.day.long just trying to catch up and say hello to everyone. I almost forget what a book is!


    1. I’m sure I’ll be down to that after I get through them all. Thanks for the compliment. Many people only post once or twice, and then they are done with blogging. They start with a bang, then reality sets in, and they realize they have to keep writing and reading to make the whole thing work! Those who stick around love it, and become addicted. But several of the blogs i followed, flopped. Not yours, though! 🙂


  7. Well, for the past three weeks I’ve had a persistent cold and cough, which always inhibits my reading ability. Thus, since I couldn’t read 120 blogs each day like I normally do, I made it a point to just search out some new blogs each day until I got better. So now I’m up to 2125 blogs that I’m following. Fortunately, I’m better now so I’m out reading, liking, and commenting today!


    1. You are my mentor, RR. I bought Dragon, but my fingers are faster, and I struggled with speaking. My brain didn’t work. I have got my excel spreadsheet going, though. I’ve been working my way through my 500. And I’m up to about 20 blogs a day, rather than 2-3. I don’t think I’ll ever get as fast as you. I just think slower! 🙂 I got a new lens for my camera today. I’m so excited. It’s a Tamron 18-270. And I’m taking a wild flower photo class Friday night and Saturday. I can’t wait! 🙂


      1. Even if you’re slightly slower with Dragon, it’s worth it because your voice isn’t subject to repetitive stress injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. RSI is why I had to move to Dragon back in 2001.

        My walkaround lens is a Tamron 28-300.


  8. I really had to smile at your grandma and the shorts. I can never find anything suitable to wear either, but I think that as I get older, I don’t feel right in most of my clothes, except jeans and T-shirt, which is what I’m wearing right now. Back to your question, I’m reading blog after blog, after blog. I’ve yet to start “What I loved” by Siri Hustvedt, which ‘Catbirdinoman’ recommended, and I’m halfway through “The Bridge of Deaths” by M C V Egan which was also recommended by another blogger.


    1. I’m reading the Folly Beach series recommended by Aeries Girl, and just finished Twitter for Dummies (or something to that effect.) I’ve heard of Siri Hustvedt, too, so I may have to check out her books. I haven’t even gotten to my blogs today. I’m stuck in emails and comments! Emails always have jobs attached to them! haha. 🙂


  9. Greetings from Sirfelion and Babs. We are getting back to our blogs, been both very busy and under the weather. Sir has gone on a trip to Baltimore and NYC, blogs on both forthcoming soon.

    Like the idea of Excel for logging blog URLs. I am trying Word that also will let you link to web sites. So organized, you are.

    Sirfelion and Babs.


    1. Finally! I was afraid you had both jumped off the edge of the world!! I’ve missed you SO much! I left several comments until I thought I must be looking NEEDY, so I quit. Look forward to your new posts. I’ll write more when I’m not on a cell phone!


      1. Babs was duly impressed that you do all those awesome blog posts via your cell phone! So we are back, at least as much as time permits. We missed you and the other whimsical bloggers in the cybersphere. More posts will be coming soon. More doings to elucidate to my blog. Sirfelion and Babs.


        1. Sir & Babs/Autty, I’m so glad you are back. It’s been WAY too long. I hate to disappoint Babs, but I do my posts from a computer. My problem right now is that I won’t have Internet access for my computer until Thursday. So, if I post, I will have to impress Babs! Today all my comments have been from my iPhone. They get pretty weird with auto correct!!!


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