16 thoughts on “A Few Minutes with Sandra Day O’Connor and other VIPs at the Civic Learning California Summit: Making Democracy Work”

    1. It is kind of deep, Sydney. Sorry. I wrote it for another publication so that the editor could just cut and paste and use what she needed.

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend as well.

      Still looking forward to our dance! 🙂 M


  1. You are right – We need to talk. I am sooooo impressed. I agree we need more Civics education by teachers that can engage students!! Learning may become “fun” again! sometime – maybe – !


  2. Great writing here Marsha. You’ve convinced me! If only those who made the decisions could be convinced. Our new History Curriculum covers a lot of the things you mention and teaches children about Australia’s position in the world, past, present and future.


    1. How true. I’m hoping that the people in the room who are decision makers are making those decisions. It is hard for teachers to have so many important things tugging at their day, but if we don’t teach students history and civic education, we don’t teach them the alternatives to living without rules! 🙂 M 🙂


  3. It’s a wonderful idea,and one I hope is implemented.
    But I wonder how effective it will be when what is seen in real life is so different from what is taught.
    I also wonder if civility really is lost, and if it just isn’t that the uncivil are so loud that their voices fill everyones ears.


    1. Democracy is messy work. Yes, it seems that the loudest voices are the one heard, and we have a lot of loud voices saying many different things because we are a culture of such diversity. From the outsider point of view (me) trying to get things done inside the system, it sometimes doesn’t seem like it works, but that in itself is a check and balance because if the system moved every time someone shouted or put in a request, it would be really volatile. The important thing that we, as educators, have to remember is that democracy as we have in our country is an experiment – will always be an experiment as long as we have it. If we don’t teach people how to access it properly (especially the ones who are going to run it!) it WILL disappear, and …Whew LONG RANT of mine!! Thanks for commenting El Guapo. 🙂 ML 🙂


  4. I love your header, Marsha. Flora and Kalev are so adorable. 🙂 The youth of any country should be the government’s top priority. I hope these good and wise people can really make a difference.


    1. Thank you, Sylvia. I hope so too. If they do, our government works. So I have to believe that it will work, and that our nation will improve as people learn how the system works, and move to put wise choices into place. 🙂 M


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