Kiwanians at the Farm Show

World Ag Expo comes to Tulare in February. Travelers fill up hotels (and homes) from all over the world. This was my experience two years ago.

Sally Pace gave me free tickets to the Tulare World Ag Expo, so Cindy and I went to check it out Wednesday.  I have lived here for almost 28 years, and in all that time never had free tickets, and since I’m not a farmer, I never went.

This picture doesn't show the miles and miles of parking that we saw.
This picture doesn’t show the miles and miles of parking that we saw.

I’d heard rumors about the traffic, and since it opened at 9:00 a.m. and Cindy and I left to go to Tulare at 10:30 a.m., we missed the biggest rush.  There were miles and miles of cars and busses already parked.  I’ve been to lots of shows and conferences, and this was huge in comparison.

Granted I was most interested in eating, I took pictures first.
Granted I was most interested in eating, I took pictures first.

The first place on our list to visit for several reasons was the Kiwanis food booth#21 on O and South Greenbelt

Ten forty-five in the morning is ALMOST lunch time.
Ten forty-five in the morning is ALMOST lunch time.

The menu looked great!  Tri-tip, onion rings, chili dogs.  mmmm  I thought I should take pictures first.

Kiwanis Club Booth #21

Inside the booth everyone was working hard, and look like they knew what they were doing!

Kiwanis Club Booth #21

All I knew was that I was hungry, and it smelled good in there.  That must be MY hot dog.  mmmmm  I’m still hungry.

Kiwanis Club Booth #21

Outside folks were busy putting out plastic-ware, checking stuff – OK shooting the breeze.  I think they killed it because it was unusually calm that day.  Chilly, though.

Mike is getting good reception with his rabbit ears.  Kids!!!
Mike is getting good reception with his rabbit ears. Kids!!!

Mike and his friend were inside having fun.  The crowds outside were thickening, so Cindy and I decided we’d better order up.

Kiwanis Club Booth #21

Linda had a long-term customer debating about which desert he should try.

Kiwanis Club Booth #21

Cindy and I enjoyed our chili, and went back for seconds – an extra scoop of chili for a dollar.  I have more pictures of the farm show, and even the Kiwanis booth, but I want to hurry and press Publish.  So please excuse me, and I’ll write more tomorrow!   🙂  What kinds of trade shows have you attended?  What did you enjoy most about them.  P.S. some of the Photoshop pictures in this post, have had the magic touch.  Can you tell which photos are photoshopped?  Take a guess.  I’ll tell you later.  They still have real people in them.  No friendly heads on someone else’s body!!

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

18 thoughts on “Kiwanians at the Farm Show”

    1. Manny got left behind on that trip, Ralph. I can’t imagine how that happened! I am always eating, aren’t I . I just went out for breakfast, and came home and ate lunch. I should weigh 2 tons!!! I can’t imagine why I don’t!!! 🙂 Don’t tell Manny I went to the Farm Show without him!!! Shhhhhhh 🙂


  1. Reminds me of the Strawberry Fest they have down here, only, from what you decribe, on a much more massive scale!! Did anyone have a horse with them??? Where are the horses?!

    I must say, that bloke has very striking blue eyes there, second from the last photo. Woo, a portrait of him with just the eyes in colour would be stunning. Wonderful shots.

    Oh no….people continue to do the rabbit ears thing into adulthood??? Beege my brother loved to do that. Perhaps it was his revenge for the myriads of times I greeted him as “little Pinky and Cutie” in public (especially in school in front of his teachers, who roared of course, the one year we went to the same escuela when I was in kinder), and then I would hold his hand as we walked along, calling him “little sweetie”, as if I was the older sibling and he was a tiny wee one I was guiding along- his face always turned red, glowering at me, as adults usually chortled- he was a giant compared to me, and we were seven years apart. He looked like he was turning 20. I looked like I still needed a car seat.

    Wonderful photos, an event I know I’d love. Sounds like it was a grand groovy time indeed. Looking forward to more photos!!! Lovely!!


    Autumn Jade


    1. So funny. My brother is two years younger, but when I was in kindergarten, I walked to school with a sixth grader named Mike Canfield, until his mom called mine, and said “Please tell Marsha not to come and pick Mike up for school. It is embarrassing for him in front of his sixth grade friends.” I was sooooo sad, but I quit picking him up. 🙂 Your poor brother!!! We are/were hard on our men weren’t we???? Sir with a bee taped to his face, a brother being walked to school like a wee lad. …

      Yes, the BOYS still do rabbit ears!!! hahaha 🙂


          1. Just did. Who knows who got my last emails!! hahaha Joke’s on them! They’re probably wondering why in the world they got a photo of some old men in jeans!!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


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