Sunday Post: On Going


I have an ongoing need to wait until someone else has posted their response to a challenge before I am ready to take the challenge.  Do I have an ongoing fear of being the first, or am I just blank on ideas.  You’ll never know – because I don’t!!

Ongoing Concern for Safety

We have an ongoing need to be concerned for the safety for those entrusted into our care.

Ongoing need for vitamin D

We have an ongoing need for vitamin D that comes from a little exposure to the sun.  Manny only sits out for a few minutes so he doesn’t overexpose.  He fades!!!

Manny looks for healthy snacks.

We have an ongoing need for food.  Snack foods can be healthy, like nuts, fruits and vegetables, but Manny really wants something gooey and sweet.

Ongoing need to smell the flowers

Sometimes, even the Pope needs to slow down and enjoy life.  There are more flowers than roses to smell.

Ongoing need for love

The need for love is ongoing.  Everybody needs large doses every day!!!

Manny has given his best advice for an ongoing happy life.  What advice do you have to add?

For other ideas about what’s ongoing and what isn’t, check out Jakesprinter’s site.

Author: Marsha

Hi, I'm Marsha Ingrao, author, blogger and retired teacher/consultant - Promoting Hobby Blogging

64 thoughts on “Sunday Post: On Going”

  1. I love Manny…and I love your tips for living a good and healthy life.:) I sympathize with Manny…I, too, enjoy a little bit of sweet…maple syrup basted on grilled chicken or salmon, a small bowl of ice cream in the evening.:)


    1. Manny sends you kisses and hugs galore, Ute. He misses you since the dance, and wonders why you are not over here holding him in your arms again!!! I hope you are doing well being back home. I’m sure it feels SO good to be back home with boys and teddies. Manny is jealous that he can’t come see your teddies, too. He lLOVED the bath picture!!! I thought I’d never get him away from the computer the day of THAT post!!! He turned from bear to hog, (naughty hog-bear) and even now wants me to bookmark that post so he can turn to it himself!!! Lots of love, prayers, and big hugs to you, Ute. Marsha 🙂


    1. Carol, I just knew it!!! OK, they have just got to get together and go sweet hunting together. He couldn’t say too much in the post about not liking to eat healthy foods – well actually he likes to eat healthy AND unhealthy foods. That’s why his tummy is so round! He just likes the sweet foods best. He even likes it if the healthy foods have sweet stuff wrapped around them – like marshmallows around sweet potatoes!!! Hmmmm? Yes? ML 🙂


  2. Really cute 🙂 Reminds me of my teddy Joey who I’ve had since I was 2, still love him to bits! Lot’s of good advice from Manny 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!



          1. Why not. If I can dance with a handsome man under a tree in HI on Valentine’s Day, why not own a private jet, too. Right Sydney? Lots of love!! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  3. I have an ongoing need to check in on my blogging friends whenever I have time. Glad I checked this post today. I think I’m in love with Manny. He couldn’t be more handsome! Though, he COULD be taller…and darker…and with longer legs. Well, maybe I’ll make an exception in his case. He’s probably pretty much perfect as is. Glad to see he’s feelin’ the love from you.

    Great post, Marsha. Full of good advice wrapped in humor.


      1. Being pretty tall, myself, I know nothing that would help Manny in that regard. I mostly look for things that make me look a lot more…ummm…svelte! (Can we say “full-figured,” boys and girls?)

        Tell Manny he mustn’t worry on my account. Why, I’ve been told it’s our flaws that make us the most endearing. (Of course, the “person” who told me that was a decrepit old elvish sort, two feet tall, and three feet wide, with four snaggly teeth, and warts on his nose, but hey…it’s still good advice, right?)


        1. haha People think I’m tall. I hang around short people. Svelte, There again most of my friends are short. Oh… it doesn’t work that way for svelte? Well I’m in a pickle, then. hmmm But it’s green in here!! Let me out!! 🙂 I’ve turned gherkin! Yikes, oh whew, it’s just my nose! (See Dianne Gray’s recent post.) that random comment will make more sense! 🙂 Marsha 🙂


  4. Hi Marsha and Manny. You two make a great team. You should go on TV. The Marsha and Manny show. Prime time TV during the Superbowl. They would have all switched over to The Marsha and Manny show. I know I would 😀 Ralph xox


    1. Aww Ralph, you say the sweetest things, but did you SEE the Superbowl???? I don’t have a pole and poor Manny refuses to dance with anyone but Ute, now that she’s had that lesson with a star. He won’t even let me take him for a quick spin around the living room. I can’t pull him away from the computer, and it’s tuned to Ute’s blog!!! But that was a very best friend kind of thing to say, and I’d switch the channel to watch you and Star, too. 🙂 Marsha 😀 xox


      1. No I didn’t watch the Superbowl as I had the TV on the other channel waiting for the Marsha and Manny Show, but it never happened 😦 Now Manny you naughty teddy bear. You must stop stalking Ute and her teddy bears. What will Sweetie Pie say if she heard about your fixation on Ute and her teddy bears. Be a man teddy bear. It’s Valentine’s Day here in Spain, so you must wine and dine Sweetie Pie, give her a big hug and tell her that you love her forever. 😀 Ralph xox 😀


        1. “Mama, who’s Ralph? Why is he telling me things? Can’t I love Ute and her teddy bears, Mom?”

          “Manny, it’s ok to love Ute and her teddy bears.”

          “Why does this Ralph person want me to wine and dine my sister? Can I have wine, Mom? Do I HAVE to hug Sweetie Pie?”

          “No honey, you can’t have any wine. I’ll get you and Sweetie Pie some honey. AND it doesn’t hurt you to hug your sister once in a while, and even give her a kiss on the cheek. Ralph doesn’t know that Sweetie Pie IS your sister unless you tell him. He can’t read minds.”

          “EEEWWWW, KISS Sweetie Pie????. Can we go to Ute’s house?”

          “Ask Ralph, Manny, or better yet, ask Ute.”


      2. Now Manny. I think you are German that’s why you are so attracted to Ute and her teddy bears. Have you checked your label?. I think Sweetie Pie is Chinese. Have you checked her label? So I think you are not brother and sister after all.
        If that’s the case who knows where it may lead. Big hug. Ralph


        1. Manny: Mom, am I German?

          Me: No, honey, why?

          Manny: Why does Ralph think I’m German? I’m Teddy, right?

          Me: Yes, Sweetie, you’re Teddy.

          Manny: Is Sweetie Pie Chinese? I thought she was Teddy, too.

          Me: You are both Teddy, and the reason you are brother and sister is because Dad and I adopted you both. We adopted you so you have a warm, safe, happy place to grow up together. It really doesn’t matter where you were made, you live here with Mommy and Daddy until you are old enough and want to live somewhere else.

          Manny: I want to live with Ute!

          Me: I know sweetie, she’s lovely, and she has lovely Teddies living with her, but Mommy and Daddy need you to stay with us for a while longer. Maybe you can go visit Ute sometime, or she can come back and visit us.

          Manny: Ralph doesn’t like me, does he?

          Me: Of course, he does, you are adorable.

          Manny: Awww Mom, you ALWAYS say that. Don’t say that in front of anyone, OK?

          Me: OK, Manny. Everything ok, now?

          Manny: Yeah, Can I go on the computer?

          Me: Is your homework done? Let’s take a look. Hmmm Manny take another look at this problem…..

          Pinned up on Manny’s wall – a Valentine’s present from Ralph


        1. Manny loves his pin-up, Ralph. He wants me to photoshop a picture of him kissing his pin-up. He’s too much!!! I hate to THNIK what’s going to happen when he gets a little older!!! He’s on his computer right now looking at all the other pin-ups you gave all your commenters. Who knows he might be leaving you a comment. I try to monitor him, but you know how that is, sometimes!!! Here’s a hug and a kiss for Valentine’s Day. xo Marsha 🙂 xo


        1. Our trees are starting to bloom with several out in full bloom this week. By tomorrow I’m going to have to go out with my camera!!! Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be by to see you after my walk this evening. Marsha 🙂


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