Ro Social Studies Teachers EVERYWHERE: Do you need a good story to capture the interest of your students before you start your unit on World War I? Do you need something that would wrap it up? Do you want to point them to a great history site? Take the time to read this post about bravery, trickery, and persistence!

The Cotton Boll Conspiracy


There were plenty of hazardous postings during World War I, but serving as bait to lure German U-boats to the surface certainly ranked among the most perilous.

The British navy is believed to have produced between 200 and 300 so-called “Q-ships” during the conflict, vessels specially adapted as decoys and armed with concealed guns. Their goal was to lure enemy submarines to the surface and then attempt to destroy them.

This little-known aspect of the Allied war effort came to the fore last weekend, when researchers announced that they believe they have found the Q-ship HMS Stock Force, sunk in July 1918.

A team of divers spent about four years searching for the Stock Force and discovered the vessel about eight miles from where charts had indicated, at a depth of 200 feet, 14 miles from Plymouth, (England), according to the blog Remembering 1914.

The Stock Force was a former collier which…

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  1. Wow, what an interesting story. I never knew about Q-Boats before. Thanks for sharing that! I love stories like this. Makes me think of the story of the Hunley, from the Civil War. Great post!


    1. Yes, Cotton Boll, is a definite MUST FOLLOW for history lovers! Cotton’s first commenter is another favorite of mine. If you love history, you’ll love these sites. Another favorite is Eternal Traveler, whom you met in my post yesterday as a guest blogger. Her travel posts usually have some history attached as well. Let me know if you have great sites as well!!! I need to make sure my list of favorite sites is categorized. Most of my favorites are random, like mine, but there are some definite focused sites among my favs. 🙂 Marsha 🙂


      1. Hi, Marsha. Thanks for the links. I will check them out, for sure. My husband is the real history buff in our family. I just get caught in the “over-splash” sometimes. I do like visiting actual historical sites a lot, especially battlefields and historical homes. So, while I’m no true buff, I do enjoy certain aspects very much.

        As for my favorite sites, I have a lot of them, but most of them are either writing sites, book review sites, or gardening/nature sites. Those are where I spend most of my time, when I’m not writing myself, or posting on one of my blogs or the other. But I’m happy to share any of those you might find interesting. I’m in the process of creating an award for sites I find incredibly funny, and those will appear in various posts on my blogs, as well. And I have a Category called “Blog Sharing” in the right sidebar on Bookin’ It, where you might be able to find a blog or two that piques your interest, too.

        I’ve only been blogging a few months, so I am still discovering what’s out there, and figuring out the best ways to share.


        1. I guess my comment on your comment disappeared I’m sorry, and I had a relatively thoughtful one. Now I only have 2 minutes left, and I have to head out the door. I’m sure we will find plenty to write about over the next few weeks and months. Marsh/ci/as rule!!! 🙂 Marsha Lee 🙂


    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks. That’s what I did as a consultant. I just CAN’T stop doing it!!! It’s ingrained. Not to mention that I love to learn!!! I need to hop over to your site, and see what’s new in your world. Later today. Gotta run for now. Lots of love, Marsha 🙂


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